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  1. ACCESS Programmer needs an advice !!!
  2. eVC 4.0 and Motorola Q
  3. MEDC 2007 Call for Papers
  4. Looking for Mobile .NET developer From Malaysia? Urgent!
  5. [help me]about the CF card removal event
  6. December Mobility Webcasts Announced
  7. How do I add the reference for the System.Media namespace?
  8. New Atl Object Missing From eVC++ Menubar
  9. Pocket Programming Language 1.1 Released
  10. How can I play .wma or .swa sound files on the PPC?
  11. Stream audio from the microphone
  12. Need a consultant (US based) for forms on a dell AXIM
  13. New again
  14. My code that uses HTML Control in PPC 2003 no longer grabs the string from szData in WM5
  15. prob with context menu on toolbar. Help!
  16. Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Available
  17. develop a mp3 player using directshow in windows mobile
  18. Add CAB into ROM
  19. Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Application Development Course Promotion
  20. MEDC Early Bird Registration and Pricing Information
  21. MobiForms 3.1 Released
  22. MEDC 2007 Early Bird Registration and Pricing Information
  23. Short guide to a better understanding of (the) windows
  24. Short guide to a better understanding of (the) windows
  25. GWES Is Sorry... Really It Is!
  26. Looking for a utility.... Anyone able to help?
  27. SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition Downloads Now Available
  28. Questions about developing mobile application using VB.NET in microsoft visual studio 2005
  29. SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition Released to Web
  30. Pocket Programming Language 1.12 released.
  31. If You're Interested in WinCE.net Development...SOLD
  32. Pocket PC Volunteer Software Testers Wanted
  33. How to create a sql database using vb.net for mobile development?
  34. Make Skinned CAB File Installers Quickly
  35. Creating database and display data in textbox and search function for database (using vb.net)
  36. Cheap Color Buttons & More; 25% OFF!
  37. Newbie needs help understanding code signing and certificates
  38. Mobility Touchdown for Architects and Developers
  39. MEDC 2007 International Dates and Venues Announced
  40. Any new development tools?
  41. Microsoft Releases the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs
  42. Mysaifu - PLEASE HELP!
  43. Windows Mobile 6 SDK Now Available for Download
  44. Seeking someone with Windows Mobile and/or CE embedded programming skills
  45. Basic4ppc version 4.05 released
  46. .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP2 Redistributable Released
  47. How to enable support for COM10 or greater in WinCE 5.0?
  48. Microsoft Device Emulator 2.0 Released
  49. Security Whitepapers Released - Crowd Rejoices
  50. Pocket Programming Language version 1.23 released.
  51. How to get WiFi Status on PPC
  52. If I Designed The Phone App's API...
  53. database_enabler.jar
  54. Tell Them Derek Sent You: MEDC 2007 for $800
  55. Pocket Programming Language 1.24 released.
  56. On-Device Programming ?
  57. How to Install .cab file Programmatical for i-mate K-JAM wm device
  58. siemens loox 420 wifi on/off how?
  59. Getting SMS Notification?
  60. EDGELIB 3.0 Released
  61. straight up beginner
  62. Pocket Programming Language reviewed!
  63. eVC4 and PPC 2002
  64. Relative Path Problem
  65. Piracy
  66. Creating dynamic folders on Pocket PC
  67. oracle database connectivity on pocket pc
  68. Developer Updates: Spb Kiosk 4.1 and Resco OutlookWeekCalendar .NET
  69. Mel Sampat Talks Windows Mobile 6
  70. MEDC 2007 Day 1 Highlights: Microsoft Announces the O-Phone
  71. MEDC Content: Windows Mobile 6 Downloads and Video Tutorials
  72. Resco Releases Resco OutlookWeekCalendar .NET for Developers
  73. Selection List Control (.NET 2.0) for Smartphones
  74. Microsoft Releases Windows Mobile 6 Localized Emulator Images
  75. Palm's Treo Windows Mobile Challenge Contest
  76. "wmpocx.dll" meaning
  77. about "wmpocx.dll"
  78. PocketPC Java editor
  79. Brand new to PocketPC programming
  80. WSALookupServiceBegin with TCP
  81. Obtaining IP Address of ActiveSynch PC
  82. working with Mysaifu JVM
  83. How to detect fly mode change?
  84. Bluetooth headset delay issue
  85. Bluetooth headset delay issue
  86. How to run J2ME application on Windows Mobile 2003
  87. How to run J2ME apps on windows moble 2003
  88. Screen shots
  89. All About Application Locking
  90. displaying the today screen from vb.net code.
  91. autoexec.dat to remove start menu links??
  92. UPnP handheld device
  93. Microsoft Mobile Development Handbook Released
  94. Developers are your sales massively down?
  95. Barcode reader to pocket pc?
  96. Win Big in the MOTODEV Game Developer Challenge
  97. Casual Developers - Create A Virtual Development Workstation
  98. Microsoft Mobile Development Handbook
  99. USB and ReadFile
  100. "best" current WM6.0 device for R&D purposes
  101. Questions for experienced .NET developers
  102. How It's Done - Smart Box Game Development Blog Posted
  103. How to (Not) Write an Especially Precarious Application on .NET Compact Framework
  104. Not Writing Precarious Applications - A Good Thing!
  105. Microsoft Reader
  106. OpenNetCF Consulting Acquires IntelliProg
  107. Sprint Mogul Offer for US-Based Microsoft Partners, Developers and IT Pros
  108. Need to Change Tap-and-Hold (Right-Click) Behaviour
  109. Communication between Flash and Javascript
  110. Auto update application by downloading new CAB file
  111. Pocket Programming Language 40% Off - Grab Now!
  112. Best CE Installer
  113. Creating an ad hoc network between PDAs and a laptop
  114. Managed Code Web Server for Windows Mobile
  115. Embedded Visual Crash!
  116. OpenNetCF Launch Developer Community Website
  117. OpenNETCF Opens Community Site
  118. I need your idea for implementation
  119. WinCe Porting
  120. [HELP] Drivers for StowAway serial keyboard won't work on newer WinCE build
  121. PPL 1.30 Released; Prices Lowered
  122. Dumb xml read/write question
  123. Networking In The Hand v2.0
  124. Deploying to WinCE
  125. Networking In The Hand 2.0 Released
  126. Imagine Cup 2007 Embedded Development Competition
  127. OpenNETCF Community Posts Plenty Of Articles!
  128. Understanding Virtual Memory in Windows Mobile
  129. Windows Mobile Viewed As Best Hobbyist Mobile Development Platform
  130. Windows Mobile Viewed as the Best Hobbyist Mobile Development Platform
  131. MSDN Webcast: What's New for Device Developers in Visual Studio 2008
  132. MSDN Webcase: What's New in Visual Studio 2008 For Mobile Device Developers
  133. High performance of remoting ADO.NET objects across desktop and smart devices
  134. Speech/speaker recognition
  135. Microsoft Ships Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5; Available on MSDN
  136. Developers, The Wait for Visual Studio 2008 is Over
  137. Is Windows Vista SideShow Finally Coming to Windows Mobile?
  138. Can i send my pocket PC into sleep mode
  139. Can power on switch be redirected to front buttons on HP111?
  140. Resco Updates MobileForms Toolkit For Visual Studio 2008
  141. Windows Mobile Logo for PDA Phones
  142. Windows Mobile Logo test? Free Haier Elegance reward
  143. SDK for HTC Camera Devices
  144. Power notification Event from WakeUp mode
  145. capture GPS data using VS2005
  146. MobiForms 4.0 Released
  147. Developing mobile application using Visual Studio
  148. A little Pocket PC 2002 App but i have VS2005
  149. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Goes Retail
  150. Coding WM6?
  151. PhatWare Announces PhatUpdate SDK for Windows Mobile
  152. Microgistix goes bust owing WM developers 10s of $1000s
  153. Microsoft Releases New Version of Its Windows Live Mobile Developer Program
  154. dotMobi Database Outlines Mobile Specs
  155. AOL Announces New Mobile Software Platform
  156. Pocket PC to Desktop Oracle
  157. Suggestions for PocketPC SDK for 1D/2D Barcode Scanning via video/picture camera instead of dedicated add-on
  158. Microgistix goes bust owing WM developers 100s of $1000s
  159. Windows Mobile Developer Center Gets Overhauled
  160. Wireless Developer Survey - Let Your Voice Be Heard
  161. Windows Mobile Technical Library on TechNet
  162. Windows Mobile Line of Business Solution Accelerator Available for Download
  163. widgets and beans
  164. how to create splash screen
  165. Resco Audio for .NET CF Beta Released
  166. Microsoft Releases Windows Mobile 6.1 Localized Emulator Images
  167. Windows Mobile 6 & Tytn
  168. shell scripting with HSQLDB
  169. Developer Mobility Events Still Have Spaces Open!
  170. problem when registering a directshow filter with regsvrce in windows 6
  171. Thinlet table in Pocket PC app
  172. Resco Releases Updated Developer Tools
  173. DynTAPI v1.0
  174. Disable H/W Keyboards while App is running ?
  175. Basic4ppc V6.30 is released - Special Offer
  176. Mobiforms Now Supports MySQL Access
  177. Palm Opens Virtual Developer Doors
  178. layout managers and j2me
  179. SYWARE Releses Visual CE 11
  180. [BSP] Yahoo! Mobile is looking for talented WM developers!
  181. Windows Mobile Gamers Win Big In New Contest
  182. Smartphone/Native C++: Changing Focus Between Elements in Window
  183. Windows Mobile Developer Webcasts Now Available On Demand
  184. WinCE 6.0 Booting Process Material
  185. Pocket Programming Language v2.0 weekly update
  186. Pocket Programming Language Now On Sale - 50% off!
  187. Introducing the Windows Mobile API Usage Tool
  188. CeCreateFile function to invoke app
  189. Pay work for debugging Win Mobile 5.0
  190. Google Gears API Now Does Geolocation
  191. Entrek CodeSnitch Configuration for Wi-fi device (Windows Mobile 5.0 )
  192. Sony Ericsson Releases Xperia Panel Interface SDK
  193. Sync Services for ADO.NET on Windows Mobile Released
  194. PDA communcation error
  195. GapiDraw 4.0 Released
  196. About MCTS Windows Mobile Certification
  197. Basic4ppc V6.50 is released
  198. Silverlight Applications on Windows Mobile
  199. Microsoft Updates Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator Images; Includes Internet Explorer Mobile 6
  200. Some puzzle about mobile keyboard input method based on Smartphone OS
  201. MobiForms Latest Release Adds More To Mobile Database Sync
  202. Resco Releases MobileForms Toolkit 2009
  203. Samsung SDK Now Available
  204. Silverlight Should Be In Windows Mobile 6.5
  205. Samsung Blackjack SGH-i607 button Mod?
  206. American Idol For Mobile Apps?
  207. Windows Marketplace Registration Opens
  208. MS Opens Up Developer Forum For WinMo Marketplace
  209. Windows Mobile 6.5 DTK Released
  210. Getting Started With Widgets on Windows Mobile 6.5
  211. First Windows Mobile Developer Camp Announced
  212. Serial Com Terminal on Windows CE
  213. Samsung Mobile Innovator releases Windows Mobile SDK 1.2
  214. hooking/subclassing keyboard WM
  215. Handango for non-us developers
  216. The Latest Update on Windows Marketplace for Mobile
  217. Resco Releases MobileForms Toolkit 2010
  218. Advanced Anti-Piracy Protection Coming to Marketplace
  219. Microsoft Releases Windows Mobile 6.5 SDKs
  220. Windows Marketplace Makes Changes
  221. Microsoft Releases Windows Mobile 6.5.3 DTK
  222. Windows Phone 7 To Only Accept Managed Apps?
  223. Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Info Starts to Flow
  224. Save $50 Registering for Visual Studio 2010 Launch
  225. WP7S: The Backwards Compatibility Story Thickens
  226. Highlights From The MIX10 Keynote!
  227. Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Demo Video
  228. What You Need To Get Started Developing for Windows Phone 7 Series
  229. Free Ebook: Programming Windows Phone 7 Series
  230. Microsoft Details Windows Phone Marketplace Experience for Developers
  231. Windows phone 7 Developer Q&A: Alex Kac, WebIS
  232. Miss Anything Developer Related? Charlie Kindel Sums It Up
  233. Windows phone 7 Developer Q&A: Lukas Lesko, Resco.net
  234. Windows phone 7 Developer Q&A: Amit Regev, SBSH Mobile Software
  235. Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Released, Silverlight 4 Later This Week
  236. Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 with Service Pack 2 Released
  237. Opera Makes Mobile Development Easier
  238. Want to Develop a Windows Mobile 6.5 Game?
  239. Rainy Sunday? Play with the Windows 7 Emulator CTP
  240. What are Push Notifications in Windows Phone 7?
  241. Microsoft Refreshes Windows Phone Developer Training Kit
  242. Start Developing a Windows 7 Phone App With These Two Free West Coast Events
  243. Resco Keeps Developers Busy With New Releases
  244. LG Panther Heading to Hands of Developers
  245. All Windows 7 Phones Can Be Unlocked and Used By Developers
  246. WP7 Developers Will Get Hardware Soon?
  247. Windows Phone Marketplace: The New Policies
  248. Windows Phone Marketplace Will Support Private App Betas
  249. "Rockstar" Award Winner Selected: Beastware
  250. How You'll Unlock A Windows Phone Device (As A Developer!)