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  1. Your email addresses are safe
  2. Forum Changes
  3. Pocket PC site compatibility
  4. Please welcome our newest team members!
  5. Just wanted to say hello!
  6. Introducing Sam Kleinman (or as I like to say: “Me”)
  7. I swear, there's a curse upon this site...
  8. Welcome aboard to DeveloperOne
  9. Emailing Us
  10. More Forum Changes
  11. Welcome aboard to MARGI Systems and Dooblo!
  12. Welcome aboard to CNetX
  13. PHP Guru Sought
  14. PocketPC2002.com...going, going, gone!
  15. Welcome aboard to Colorgraphic!
  16. Talk about bad timing!
  17. One Thousand Users and Counting
  18. Those vile spammers!
  19. Give a hearty welcome to Brad Adrian
  20. Mazingo and big files
  21. Welcome aboard to IPiphnay
  22. We're trying something new
  23. Some Forum Guidelines
  24. Welcome aboard to Hexacto and Gigabyte Solutions
  25. Re-publishing Old Articles
  26. Emailing us news links
  27. I'm outta' here!
  28. Back in the USSR...or what looks like it
  29. Forum Maintenance
  30. Forums are back!
  31. Forum Issues
  32. Welcome aboard to Whittaker Moore & Associates
  33. We just broke 10,000 posts
  34. Welcome to Spb Software House
  35. Site outage
  36. We bring you...more!
  37. We bring you...less of more!
  38. Welcome aboard to Code City
  39. Wondering about Mazingo sync today?
  40. No more email links
  41. Welcome aboard to Conduits!
  42. Meet Chris "PHP" Edwards
  43. No more banners on Pocket PC
  44. What's the deal with DealTime?
  45. A few updates to the site
  46. Site enhancements and help needed
  47. bbCode and quoting
  48. What sort of enhancements would you like to see?
  49. New Toshiba/Audiovox forum
  50. Welcome aboard to Crucial Technology
  51. Ok, it's not quite the last ten new posts
  52. Forum template updates
  53. Double posts and server slowness
  54. Mazingo is now one level deep
  55. Help me solve this mystery...
  56. Last 10 posts feature, clarification needed
  57. I bestow upon thee the rank of...
  58. I'm not dead yet.
  59. Stress test please
  60. New emoticons
  61. Ok people, here's how quoting works
  62. Bring on the contests!
  63. Holy notification messages Batman!
  64. A new contact form
  65. Welcome aboard to Pocket Innovations
  66. Spammers should be drawn and quartered
  67. A flood of emails
  68. Come on, today is the day...let's break 20,000 posts!
  69. 20,000+ posts and counting!
  70. Say hello to Steven Cedrone
  71. Phone Edition Forum
  72. We broke the 3000 user mark!
  73. Unpublished PocketPC.com Articles
  74. Desperately seeking web designer
  75. Articles coming up this week...
  76. Wow, hardly any posts today!
  77. I'm back...
  78. No update today
  79. Welcome aboard to Soft Pocket Solutions
  80. That's it, we're shutting down the site
  81. The rumours of my assimilation are exaggerated...
  82. Pocket PC Thoughts 3.0 is coming soon
  83. Welcome to the new Pocket PC Thoughts!
  84. Let me hear you say "RSS"!
  85. So, do you like what you see?
  86. The mobile version of this site
  87. The Font Size Issue
  88. Shifts in the Space Time Continuum
  89. Those Damn Spammers!
  90. Time Zone Strangeness Part 2
  91. Here a Tweak, There a Tweak, Everywhere a Tweak-Tweak
  92. Should we also cover Smartphones?
  93. Want to be a Pocket PC Thoughts Friend?
  94. Missing Emoticons
  95. Viewing Posts in Your Local Time Zone
  96. Now You See Us, Now You Don't...
  97. Handango Store Now Live
  98. Updated Sniffer Code
  99. Email Bouncing Issues
  100. Private Messages Are Of The Devil
  101. Always Include a Reply Email
  102. We're in DNS Hell
  103. Guess What's Back?
  104. We Won an Award!
  105. Site User-Interface Updates
  106. Not Getting the Mobile Site?
  107. Taking Some Time Off
  108. Server Stability Issues
  109. Low on gadgets, high on hiking
  110. Pocket PC Thoughts Klip
  111. Site Down...
  112. Random User Survey #1
  113. We're a Little Too Clever For Our Own Good
  114. Front Page Post Reduction
  115. RAM Upgrade Today
  116. Are You Receiving Email Notifications?
  117. Upload Those Avatars!
  118. New Forum Added: Palm to Pocket PC
  119. Put Your Hands Together for Janak!
  120. Sponsored Articles Coming Soon
  121. Rackshack Network Issues
  122. Rackshack under Denial-of-Service Attack
  123. Mail Server DNS Issues Finally Resolved?
  124. Seeing Some Strange Ads?
  125. We Need That Email Address...
  126. Wondering About the New Post Count?
  127. 25 Front Page Posts?
  128. The Pocket PC Thoughts Timezone
  129. Welcome to 2003 Pocket PC Thoughts!
  130. Stop Cheating!
  131. Yes, The New Posts and Search Features are Currently Broken
  132. Keeping Things On Topic
  133. It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later...
  134. New Years Traffic
  135. Going Mobile with Pocket PC Thoughts
  136. Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Review Team!
  137. Deleting Your Own Posts
  138. Seeing Some "Old" Reviews?
  139. Site Down for Maintenance
  140. Here a Tweak, There a Tweak, Everywhere a Tweak-Tweak
  141. Mobile Version Wonky...
  142. Speed & Bandwidth Optimizations
  143. Login/Logout Strangeness
  144. /mobile added
  145. Still Having Login Problems?
  146. Private Message Spamming
  147. Mazingo Channel Depth Changed
  148. Pocket PC Thoughts Links Section Launches
  149. We're Back... Sort Of
  150. If You've Submitted a Link...
  151. The Hall of Flame and Shame
  152. Pocket PC Thoughts Goes 24/7
  153. Janak Made It!
  154. Pocket PC Thoughts Posting Policy
  155. Wondering About the Mobile Site?
  156. We're Trying Something New
  157. Ok, So What Did You Think
  158. Uh, Whoops...
  159. An Easy Way to Keep Up With Conversations
  160. Viewsonic Forum Created
  161. Add Some Links!
  162. Non-Mobile Version from a CE-based Device?
  163. Changing of the Emoticon Guard
  164. Google AdWords
  165. Sluggish Server
  166. Happy Birthday, Jason!
  167. Font Size Can Now be Changed
  168. Happy Birthday Chris Edwards!
  169. Major Upgrades Coming This Weekend
  170. I Just Broke 5000 Posts!
  171. Missing Centre Column?
  172. I'm Off to Paris Tomorrow...
  173. The Post Below This One
  174. Still Seeing our "Hacked" Logo?
  175. No, We Haven't Disappeared
  176. Daylight Savings, Part II
  177. I Made it Back Alive...
  178. Mobile Planet Partnership
  179. Mobile Links Now...Mobile!
  180. Introducing the Quick Look
  181. Seeing Some Cheesy/Stupid Ads? Here's Why...
  182. Multimedia Forum Created
  183. Exit: Stage Right
  184. The Most Irritating Spam Blocking System Ever Created
  185. Review Feedback
  186. Please Do Not Cross-Post
  187. Hi There! Crystal "Spacewaitress" Eitle Reporting for Duty!
  188. Happy Birthday to Andy Sjostrom
  189. Please Quote Sparingly
  190. Do Not Edit Polls After Posting
  191. Happy Belated Birthday to Janak!
  192. Brainstorming Session for Editorial Award
  193. Pocket PC Thoughts Posting Policy
  194. Thoughts Media Product Award - Help Us Pick It!
  195. New Ads in Forums
  196. New Server, Here We Come!
  197. Well That Was Painless...
  198. Subscriber Services Delayed, Mobile Forums Active for a Limited Time
  199. Private Messaging Limit Increased
  200. Looking for Graphic Designers
  201. Welcome To New Pocket PC Thoughts Family Members
  202. Award Name Picked - Only It's Not The One You Wanted
  203. Subscriber Services Launching Soon
  204. Subscriber Services Under Attack By Army of Rats
  205. Welcome to Smartphone Thoughts!
  206. Pocket PC Thoughts Subcriber Services Launched
  207. Bugs and Subscriber Issues
  208. Good News, Bad News
  209. Want to Subscribe, But Don't Have PayPal?
  210. Email Blasts and New Subscriber Button
  211. Well, I Guess We've Launched!
  212. Got News? Submit It!
  213. Want to Link to Us?
  214. Invalid_Session Bug Squashed
  215. Smartphone.net Top 10 Software
  216. Let's Welcome Kati, Moderator Supreme!
  217. Smartphone Thoughts Launch Extravaganza!
  218. Happy Birthday Ed Hansberry!
  219. Are You Having Problems With the "New Posts" Feature?
  220. Subscriber Services Enhancements Coming Soon...
  221. Welcome Sprint!
  222. Pardon The Slowness...
  223. New Posts Issue Fixed
  224. Subscriber Bonus Redemption
  225. I'm Temporarily Out of Vaja Discount Coupons
  226. Happy Birthday Brad Adrian!
  227. More New Pocket PC Thoughts Members
  228. Vaja $20 Off Coupons & RoadWired Micro-Lights Arrived Today
  229. Back from Arizona...
  230. Got Streaming Audio Links? Add 'em!
  231. Welcome Chris Glenton as Moderator!
  232. Mobile Site Enhancements: Subscribers Now Have ClearType Option
  233. Mobile Site Enhancements: Button Navigation
  234. Smartphone.net Store Launched!
  235. Scroll Bars Begone! URL Shortening Implemented Site-Wide
  236. Email Blast Feature On Vacation
  237. Pocket PC Thoughts Team Biographies Posted
  238. Smartphone Thoughts Download Page Launched
  239. The Front Page Is Back To Normal
  240. A Site Status Update
  241. Pocket PC Thoughts Weekly Newsletter Launched
  242. Subscriber Discounts Page Launched
  243. Subscriber Frequently Asked Questions
  244. Pocket PC Thoughts Now Accepts Credit Cards for Subscriber Services
  245. 25% Off Any Two Peaks Application
  246. Plain-Text Weekly Newsletter Option Now Available
  247. What Resolution do You Use?
  248. "Room For Improvement" Category Launched
  249. Robert Levy Promoted to Managing Editor
  250. Please Welcome David McNamee