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  1. DirectPlay for Pocket PC 2002
  2. Intava Gravity neutralizes cross platform pain
  3. help with split windows using CSplitterWnd
  4. MSDN Articles available in Reader Format
  5. Progress Bar Control
  6. User Agent strings
  7. Smartphone 2002 SDK is available
  8. Get yourself object orientated with eMbedded Visual Basic
  9. PocketASP 2.0 released
  10. From Pocket War to Dev Tracker
  11. Help with writing
  12. Pocket PC Writing
  13. EzSetp 2.0 makes application installation ez
  14. New forum for Pocket PC games developers
  15. GapiDraw - a free DirectDraw port for Pocket PCs
  16. Porting Java Apps to Pocket PC
  17. Get to know your development tools options
  18. Extended Systems fills gap
  19. Synchrologic connects to .NET Compact Framework
  20. Great times to be Pocket PC developer
  21. Entrek introduces must-have tool
  22. New Pocket PC article: Secure your Web Services
  23. voice recorder control
  24. Windows CE Embedded Developer Job
  25. How does "temporary internet files" work
  26. PC to Pocket PC using XML
  27. Icons for eVB applications
  28. Sapphire Solutions Specials
  29. Macros and Objects Everywhere
  30. Say Hi! to your Pocket PC
  31. Binari file transfer
  32. .NET in your Pocket PC... now!
  33. Deliver kiosk applications
  34. New developer articles at deVBuzz.com
  35. I'm a Newbie
  36. Video/ebook development
  37. Macromedia opens up Mobile Development Center
  38. Help with SQL Server CE
  39. SQL Server CE database rescued
  40. altering system tables in eVB-----urgent!!!!
  41. Pocket Database Software
  42. Programming tools
  43. Preview of the O2 Action Engine
  44. SQL Server CE and .NET development for Pocket PCs
  45. Sapphire Solutions matches code with End User Update 2
  46. eVB, ADOCE - how to create primary key? Please help!!
  47. XScale processor locks up my program
  48. Wanted: Pocket PC going 24/7
  49. .NET Compact Framework and ADO.NET
  50. How to create UserOptionsDlg in SIP?????
  51. Pocket PC developers beware: robot testers approaching
  52. Transfering data
  53. How to use ActiveSync in an emulator
  54. The PocketMatrix/PocketGamer mini-CD
  55. ActiveSync
  56. how to register dll?
  57. Desparately Seeking a PPPoE Driver
  58. How to add entries to the Notes application
  59. Sending SMS Messages out from the PocketPC
  60. how to register dll
  61. How can I find out how itaskf works on the 39xx?
  62. Sendo released Smartphone 2002 white papers
  63. Loading a DB into the emulator
  64. Syn with Exchange
  65. Learn and learn fast
  66. Create setup programs as easy as 1-2-3
  67. Interview with Microsoft .NET developer evangelist
  68. Simplifing the interface...
  69. USB for toshiba E310, software developers....
  70. I am going fat again
  71. Connected Pocket PC applications
  72. flipHack of Pocket PC
  73. Lotus Notes Programming
  74. SQL Workaround?
  75. how to use document-view in eVC
  76. SysInternals - DebugView, RegMon, FileMon for PocketPC?
  77. RFID on PocketPC
  78. partnership betw desktop activesync and with PPC activesync
  79. New deVBuzz article
  80. Mobile development milestone reached
  81. New tools from Microsoft to be announced in Orlando
  82. ActiveSync Development scan rate
  83. .NET Compact Framework reference site
  84. Sapphire Solutions releases FTP utility
  85. Make pie charts using eMbedded Visual Basic
  86. What's a good tutorial for C++ in regards to the Pocket PC?
  87. Developing for X-Scale platform
  88. Pocket PCs in .NET Developer's Journal
  89. Biometric, free ebooks and GPS.NET
  90. How to get rid of the task bar
  91. blue-tooth port for tcp/ip
  92. Extend Your Web Site using XML Web Services
  93. Full Screen eVB program
  94. How do a native device driver communicate with application?
  95. Imap4 in pocket pc
  96. Speed Up User Interface Code
  97. Syware Announces Visual CE Version 7
  98. Controlling the SIP state
  99. Smartphone 2002 Launch Day, SDK Available
  100. Applications Developer
  101. iPAQ Wireless Pack
  102. Keeping Up with the Platform
  103. .NET and Smartphone 2002 Support in e-PocketSetup
  104. dial-up connection
  105. Get Started on GPS Development
  106. Trustworthy Communication Using CryptoTextCE
  107. Two for the Road Continues
  108. Pocket PC 2002 Emulator
  109. NET available?
  110. changing shortcut icons for Pocket PC
  111. Programming with themes
  112. Coca Cola Saves "a ton of money" Using Pocket PC
  113. Sapphire Solutions Busy Busy
  114. CToolBar doesn't display tooltips?
  115. Custom control in eVC
  116. How Do You Port 5 Million Lines of Code to the Pocket PC?
  117. MmMapIoSpace
  118. Build Web Applications Using eMbedded Visual Tools
  119. SQL Server 2000 Windows CE 2.0 Developer Articles
  120. Book for eMbedded Visual C++
  121. .NET Compact Framework Training by DevelopMentor
  122. New SDK from Socket Communications
  123. Speak out your mind. (porting poll)
  124. How do i connect to Corporate server...
  125. Wisbar Open Source
  126. IBM DB2 Everyplace Integrated with AppForge MobileVB
  127. Mobility Developer Conference in New Orleans
  128. Datetime Picker in .NET Compact Framework
  129. Let's Talk Developer Topics
  130. Biometric Finger Print API From HP
  131. Today-PlugIn
  132. A little assistance please . . .
  133. Newsreader Anyplace Source Code
  134. Cleartype in an edit box?
  135. Mobility Developer Conference Registration Open
  136. Simple Yet Valuable Program Needed
  137. Installation of SQL Server CE
  138. Mail Pugins
  139. CSS style sheets in pocket IE?
  140. Making a Mobile version of my sites Forums
  141. Newbie with a question. No laughs please.
  142. Power-on
  143. Beginner Pocket PC Developer
  144. Need a random number generator
  145. Add DTPicker Cntrol
  146. Remapping 5455 Volume Buttons
  147. Macintosh Emulator for PPC
  148. ADOCE ActiveX Wrapper for .NET Compact Framework
  149. VBScript for Pocket PC?
  150. The .Net Show: The .NET Compact Framework
  151. RESCO Grid and ListView controls for eMbedded Visual Basic
  152. Free Source Code Available
  153. When Are You Switching?
  154. How to Learn the 10 Technologies that Will Help You Stay Employed
  155. Java JVMs
  156. Where to turn for help
  157. 2 beginner questions
  158. Pocket PCs in the .NET Show
  159. The .Net Compact Framework Reference
  160. Deleting a file in a pocketpc using VB 6.00
  161. Compact Framework - Visual Studio .NET 2003 Release Date Announced
  162. Starting out with Databases -need help desperately!
  163. Creating More Games Momentum
  164. .NET Compact Framework Book Coming Your Way
  165. Serial number or UUID on Dell Axim
  166. Pocket PC 2003 and XScale support news
  167. Mobile Java (J2ME) vs Microsoft .NET
  168. What Language Do You Use?
  169. Going to Microsoft Mobility Developer Conference?
  170. Does it run when off? Stupid question, my PPC hasnt gotten here yet..
  171. Creating a Mobile Web Site with PHP (PostNuke CMS)
  172. SYWARE Visual CE: Powerful & Flexible Application Building
  173. ZD Net article on .NET Compact Framework
  174. Hilarious VBTV Show
  175. Say Hi to the pt of Pocket PC Development
  176. Odyssey Software DataViewer Reviewed
  177. Multithreaded Application Development
  178. About availability of .NET CF on Pocket2002 (Newbie question:)
  179. OHG! I thought I was confused before! eVC *NEWBIE* needs *HELP*
  180. VS NET 2003
  181. .NET Compact Framework Date Time Picker
  182. Need some help
  183. Manipulate Pocket PC Using Srego CE Toolpack
  184. Pls Hlp: eVC++ MFC App, MessageBox on button click, wont build..
  185. Newbie: eVC++: Changing Static Text caption, how to?
  186. Newbie: eVC++: Open text file, put in text window, how to?
  187. Pocket IE Fullscreen
  188. eVC++: How to get battery status?
  189. Mobile Solutions Challenge 2003
  190. WNet example?
  191. Converting a website to PDA format?
  192. Microsoft Readies Visual Studio .Net 2003
  193. USB Driver for E-200
  194. eVC++ MFC: Getting value from Edit Box?
  195. user question to developers - digitizing screen spikes
  196. Oh No... Convert from Long to String, need help... again...
  197. Timer control, dont see one... Need to trip function every X miliseconds... How?
  198. Developing Smartphone Games
  199. Can't get emulator to work in VS.NET
  200. Returning float to eVB from DLL
  201. GetSystemTime, cant get it to work... Any other options?
  202. eVC:MFC Want to minimize, not exit with "X", how?
  203. My program wont terminate! Gave dialog 'child' properties, doesnt show in task manager..
  204. Problem re-installing Visual Studio .NET 2003 Beta
  205. SLQ Server CE for DUMMIES????
  206. ADOCE 3.1
  207. flash + evb
  208. .NET Compact Framework MSDN Chat Today!
  209. Checking signal strength in Ipaq 3870
  210. How to get started with eVC++
  211. Grad Student Project Needed--Free Usability Testing for PPC App
  212. MIDI SDK for PocketPC MIDI Interface
  213. PPC 2003 and VS.Net
  214. Drawing Code
  215. Unload a form
  216. power icons
  217. .NET Compact Framework Everywhere
  218. CE Web Server, ASP and the iPaq 5450
  219. ADOCE and the recordset find method
  220. Keypad
  221. Is Free a Make or Break Issue?
  222. Beginner question
  223. ModeZero Releases PocketASP 2.1
  224. Java for my AXIM
  225. Images in the .NET CF DataGrid control
  226. XDA default internet for EVB or EC
  227. 5450 Incompatibilities
  228. getting back into it! a question.
  229. Quick Question - Start Menu Path / RAPI
  230. INDIC (Devnagari) input manager for pocket pc
  231. Hospital Success Story
  232. New article on debugging using the .NET Compact Framework
  233. Mobile2Market: Reach Mobile Operators Worldwide - Free Certification
  234. .NET Compact Framework Redistributable Available for Download
  235. Get A Free Viewsonic V37 Pocket PC With VS .NET 2003
  236. Upload a .bmp file
  237. R:BASE Technologies Chooses Syware's Visual CE Software Toolset
  238. Use Any COM or ActiveX Control from .NET Compact Framework
  239. WiFi development
  240. Dumb question about pocketmarkup...
  241. upgrading from vs.net pro 2002 to 2003
  242. SHNotificationAdd() and SHNotificationUpdate()....
  243. GetSystemPowerStatusEx()
  244. Gamewrite updated + Asprite is now freeware
  245. eVB VS eVC++
  246. eMbedded Visual Tools Goes .NET and Stays Free
  247. Smartphone Dev Kit Phone; What is "Get ADC" program?
  248. New Programming Language - Competitor to C#?
  249. eVB for beginners...
  250. Talking to your Mobile from a PPC ???