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  1. What Microsoft's Job Postings Might Tell Us
  2. Some of the Things Windows Phone 7 is Going to Lack
  3. Microsoft Giving Developers Device Heads Up
  4. MCObjects Offers Perst for Windows Phone 7
  5. Encrypting Data in WP7
  6. Adding MultiTouch to your WP7 Apps
  7. Windows Phone Tools Beta Released!
  8. Unique Developer Features May Help Windows Phone 7 Succeed
  9. AT&T Webcast Focuses on XNA Game Development for Windows Phone 7
  10. Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Live Meeting Open For Registration
  11. No Secrets in the Windows Phone Application Store
  12. BostonPocketPC User Group Meets Wednesday, Has Awesome Giveaway, and Me
  13. Calling Budding WP7 Game Developers
  14. You Have The Tools, Now Here's The Style
  15. WP7 on HD2 a Bit Harder Than Thought
  16. WP7 Developers: Final Tools Coming, Get Ready for Launch
  17. Silverlight and Good Performance Can Peacefully Coexist?
  18. WP7 Developer Tools are Final!
  19. Visual Basic Comes to Windows Phone 7
  20. Developing for WP7 Not A Waste
  21. More Details on the App Hub for Developers
  22. A Video Look at App Switching on Windows Phone 7
  23. Free PDF Ebook on WP7 Dev by Charles Petzold
  24. Looking for "Dreamweaver" type dev tool for phones???
  25. Windows Phone Live Tiles: Not All Tiles Are Created Equal
  26. Marketplace Mayhem
  27. VB for Windows Phone 7 Goes RTW!
  28. Windows Phone 7 and Data Persistence - Not As Simple As You Might Think
  29. LastPass for Windows Phone 7 Will Appear, As Soon As They Figure Out How to Fix It!
  30. Does VS2010 Express for Phone support Collections classes?
  31. Microsoft To Hacker: Have A Go
  32. What's Coming In The First WP7 Update
  33. Windows Phone GPS Emulator Useful Addition For Developers
  34. Use These Controls, Publish An App, Get $100 for Your User Group!
  35. Is the Compass API available yet?
  36. VOIP Capabilities Coming to Windows Phone?
  37. Are You a Developer in Canada? Microsoft Has a Windows Phone Contest For You!
  38. Microsoft Increases Submission Limit for Free Apps
  39. Windows Embedded Compact 7 (Formerly Windows CE)
  40. Developers: Planning a Cross-Platform Solution
  41. Prototype Interactive Opens Windows Phone Development to New Regions
  42. Calling All UK Developers! Event in Birmingham.
  43. Optimizing CSS Support in Windows Phone
  44. Windows Phone Unleashed Hackathon to Coincide With Tech Ed
  45. Building Mobile Health Apps On WP7
  46. Evernote Developer Blogs About Windows Phone