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View Full Version : PocketASP 2.0 released

Andy Sjostrom
03-10-2002, 09:00 AM
<a href="http://www.ModeZero.net/PocketASP">http://www.ModeZero.net/PocketASP</a><br /><br />ModeZero has released new version of its Pocket PC web server solution, PocketASP. PocketASP makes it possible to view and use HTML and ASP web sites locally. PocketASP supports JScript, VBScript and sports a source code encryption scheme to "protect application writers intellectual property".<br /><br />More information:<br />"Version 2 of PocketASP offers many benefits to the corporate developer. A familiar development platform for Pocket PC leverages existing skill sets; a small software footprint minimises deployment issues; database support allows corporate data to be updated and synchronised on the device; the unique implementation of PocketASP without a web server means there are no additional security issues to worry about. <br />PocketASP is free for evaluation and non-commercial use. It has 100% functionality and is not time-limited."<br /><br />ModeZero has a very interesting product here. As I will take a thorough look at it, I sincerely appreciate their generous "free for evalution and non-commercial use". Being a software developer myself, I know that if I like what I see, I will bring it along to my next project!

03-10-2002, 11:02 AM
Very interesting. For a lot of service providers, this could be a low cost way of developing Pocket PC apps, potentially with the power to write-once and run both in a wireless environment (with the ASP pages served from IIS) and also in a disconnected environment (via this code).

The only development issue is remembering what subset of ASP object methods are available. The documentation provided does a fairly good job of this, but doesn't comprehensively cover ADO. Also the overview mentions XML parsing, but no mention of this is in documentation (or rather, I may not have found it yet!).

Also worth bearing in mind is how the code is obfuscated on the Pocket PC. "Not human readable" is the phrase used, but I'd need to see a fragment of this obfuscated code before commenting on how secure it really is. Java code obfuscation sometimes leaves a bit to be desired and I hope that this Pocket ASP obfuscation isn't in the same category.