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View Full Version : EzSetp 2.0 makes application installation ez

Andy Sjostrom
03-22-2002, 01:13 PM
<a href="http://www.softspb.com/products/ezsetup/index.html">http://www.softspb.com/products/ezsetup/index.html</a><br /><br />I am glad to report that Spb Software House has released EzSetup 2.0, a free utility for making application installation easy.<br /><br />"The installers created by EzSetup are very intuitive for end users; they are applicable to any Pocket PC, and users don't have to worry about choosing between several installation files. The EzSetup installers are always provided with customizable readme and license agreement sections. The installers are compressed, self-contained, self-extracting and can be created in several languages."