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View Full Version : Macros and Objects Everywhere

Andy Sjostrom
05-21-2002, 08:37 AM
<a href="http://moebetter.net/index.html">http://moebetter.net/index.html</a><br /><br />"Macros and Objects Everywhere is based on COM, VBScript and ActiveScripting, three technologies developed by Microsoft and available on the Pocket PC."<br /><br />Never heard of it before. Better ActiveX-programming than what Microsoft provides, they say. I believe eMbedded Visual Basic development will live on for at least another two years, while gradually being replaced by Visual Basic .NET and C#. So, the window of opportunity of this initiative is about that: two years.<br /><br />I have my doubts, though. Niche tools and technologies very rarely take off. It is not just about product, it is first and foremost about developer community. Most (Enterprise) developers don't like niche, and without community, no sales.

Jimmy Dodd
05-21-2002, 02:15 PM
Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't this sound like just a watered-down version of Windows Scripting Host for the PPC? The link doesn't get you much info either.

I'll pass, thanks.