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View Full Version : Sapphire Solutions Specials

Andy Sjostrom
05-21-2002, 08:29 AM
<a href="http://www.sapphire-solutions.co.uk/promo.asp">http://www.sapphire-solutions.co.uk/promo.asp</a><br /><br />Sapphire Solutions has a special development utility offer you should take a look at. They offer either Sapphire Encrypt Utility or Sapphire GZip Utility free of charge when you purchase the Sapphire RAS Utility at $299. The offer is good until June the 30th. These two products products cost $99 each if purchased separately, so total value of offer is $198.<br /><br />I recently was engaged in a Pocket PC development project where managing connections was a key feature. We were working in eMbedded Visual Basic, so we faced a significant number of hours working through declaring and calling the right set of APIs. Enter Sapphire RAS Utility, and our job became much easier. From a consumer or hobby developer point of view, $299 is a lot. But from the point of view of an Enterprise development project, $299 is close, very close, to zero.<br /><br />The Sapphire RAS Utility gives "eVB and eVC developers the ability to dial and hang-up any selected connection and manage your connection entries from within an application."<br /><br />The Sapphire Encrypt Utility gives "eVB and eVC developers the ability to encrypt and decrypt any type of file with a specified password from within an application.", and the Sapphire GZip Utility gives "eVB and eVC developers the ability to compress and uncompress any type of file to gzip format from within an application."