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View Full Version : Porting Java Apps to Pocket PC

03-29-2002, 06:14 PM
I run a Law Library in Washington DC. Our on-line catalog http://catalog.law.udc.edu is from Innovative Interfaces Inc. (III). They have a java based client for desktops to use for inputing new records.

I recently purchased a new Compaq iPAQ with a Wireless LAN/barcode reader attachment. I'd like to use this in the library stacks to add barcodes to books and input the information directly to the catalog via the wireless LAN.

III's java client can be downoaded, but has an "exe" extension. When I downloaded it from the web to the iPAQ, I was told that the extension was not recognized by the Pocket PC.

Is there anyway to easily port this exe file in order that it can be used on the iPAQ?


Brian L. Baker
[email protected]

04-30-2002, 09:50 PM
It seems that the program is a Java-coded EXE file. This means that while the programming itself was written in Java, the EXE file is written to the X86 processor, and can't run on the ARM platform. I don't think there's anyway to change this, unless you got a whole bunch of .class files instead of the EXE. Then the only problem might be screen size.

08-13-2002, 11:01 PM

Try SuperWaba 3.0, and make your code work in both PocketPC, Palm OS and in the web-browser!

Here is a explanation:

SuperWaba is a Java VM for Palm OS and Pocket PC. It also works in the desktop, where you can fully debug your application using any available Java debugger. You can also deploy it in the web browser.

You can use also the same PDB file as the database between all platforms.

SuperWaba supports Grayscale and Color in all PalmOS models, color in Pocket PC, has no memory limitation for programs, has a complete set of user interface classes, supports Socket, Serial (USB, IRCOMM, Serial), Symbol Scanner support, and is freeware! Licensed under LGPL.

Used in more than 100 countries, has about 7000 registered users.

What are you waiting for? visit http://www.superwaba.org