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View Full Version : Windows CE Embedded Developer Job

Jason Dunn
05-06-2002, 07:39 PM
Do you have experience with using embedded Windows CE? Live in either Massachusetts or Rhode Island? Free for the next 11 months? If so, this job may be right up your alley.<br /><br />"This task is to design and implement the software needed to load and run Windows CE on an x86 embedded Controller. The controller will load the OS from Flash and initialize an environment for complex communications and control applications. This individual will be the technical resource for ALL Windows CE related questions from the applications group. He will select and apply the building and debugging tools for the OS. The person should be thoroughly familiar with the following: Windows CE kernel construction and build process. Windows CE driver installation for Ethernet, UART and other communications devices. Windows CE debugging tools. Windows CE application failure analysis techniques. Windows CE Initialization and loading from Flash memory. This person should have experience (multiple experiences preferred) INSTALLING Windows CE to an x86 embedded controller."<br /><br />If you're interested in learning more or applying for the job, please email Erica Coggins ([email protected]?subject=Job Referral from Pocket PC Thoughts.com). There's a referral fee involved, so please leave the subject line unchanged if you don't mind.