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View Full Version : How does "temporary internet files" work

05-15-2002, 04:50 PM
I have surfed around some to try to find out how the "temporary internet files" or the internet cache works in Pocket Internet Explorer. But as far as I looked I can not find any "realy nice" information on how it works. Is there someone who knows a good link or have some information on it I'd be very happy

Jason Dunn
05-15-2002, 06:48 PM
What would you like to know? It functions like the cache on the desktop PC - if something is in the cache, it loads it instead of downloading it, which saves you time. I've heard reports of the cache not functioning very smoothly however, not always recognizing files in the cache. But I'm not aware of any detailed resource. Perhaps another user here has more information?

05-15-2002, 08:55 PM
More information.... we are developing a product for PPCs equiped with a GPRS jacket, so what I am realy intrested in is, how does the cache know when to update a page, and when it is not nesecery. In a "regular" PC browser (I speaking IE, and not to old ones) you have a couple of option how you want the cache to work

Never update a page or each time a page is visited, automatic, and a 4:th option I do not remember. There are several different behaviours in the brovers depending on what setting you re useing here

:!: My problem more specific:
We have pages wich includes very up to date data, and pages that is not necesary to update each time. I know I can set in the header of a HTML document if a page is alowed to be cashed or not. But what I am realy intrested in is, how the cache works, and what makes it decide when it is time to "update" a cached page.

Beacuse the "not so update necesary" pages need to be updated at some point, and I do not like to load them each time i want to show the page, i.e the "login page" will hopefully only change once a week or so (to show news of the week and similar) and if that page does not get updated in the browser for a day or two, it is not critical. We have several other pages that does not need to be updated every time too.... the login page was just an easy example.

Another example is (for another issue we have) is, can the PIE "feel" if we are inseerted in the crade, and if it is, can we then have a "always" update to the "temporary internet files", and when we are out working over GPRS or GSM use the cash as far as possible?

I hope this information is more revealing and explaining than my first few rows :D

06-27-2002, 05:05 PM
When you click on a hyperlink, a request is sent to the server for a bit of information before the page is actually downloaded... it scans this "header" information and compares it with what is in the cache... if they are the same, then is aborts the request and displays the cached information, otherwise the process continues and downloads the new page to the browser and stores it in the cache.