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View Full Version : help with split windows using CSplitterWnd

02-12-2002, 04:48 AM
Since Jason mentioned in that "other" developer forum that this one is empty... ;-)

I'm trying to learn how to use split windows in MFC. I don't have all that much MFC experience in Win32, so any help would be appreciated. From what I've read in the MSDN documentation, you have to create a CSplitterWnd object in your main form, and override the form's OnCreateClient() function. OK, I got that part down, but then when it comes to actually creating things in the panes... The documentation seems to indicate that you have to create classes derived from MFC classes for each pane. For example, I want to put in a tree control in the top pane, which would mean I should create a class, say CMyTree, and derive it from CTreeView (or is it CTreeCtrl???). But when I do that, the compiler complains about CTreeView not being defined. HUH? Anyone out there know what the heck I'm talking about or how to help? Thanks.