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  1. Pocket PC has 67% of Swedish PDA market
  2. Socket to the rescue
  3. Kanakaris will deliver online movies to Pocket PCs
  4. Cahners In-Stat/MDR says...
  5. ZigBee...friend or foe?
  6. Integrated Pocket PC Devices in the Works
  7. IBM pulls out, brushes off an 800 MHz Meta Pad
  8. Pocket PC sales companion for accounting package launched
  9. Palm Digital Media Wins Best eBook Publisher Award
  10. Bits of Gates visit
  11. Toshiba, SanDisk Improve Their Flash Memory
  12. Australian Olympians go wireless in anthrax scare
  13. Enfora brings GPRS modems to Pocket PCs
  14. Intel debuts XScale processors
  15. Notebook-Quality Display in the Palm of Your Hand
  16. Yankowski Surfaces at GeoPhoenix
  17. New consumer Toshiba Pocket PC in Q2 2002
  18. Pocket PC dials up Phone Edition
  19. PDA Makers Plan on Intel's XScale
  20. £30 rebate on UK iPAQs
  21. HP to Unveil Wireless Jornada
  22. HP to exit the PC business - implications for the Jornada?
  23. AvantGo Custom Channels Shutting Down
  24. Handheld computers take focus from PCs
  25. HP dials in Pocket PC for new handheld
  26. RealNetworks will bring out player for Pocket PC
  27. Nokia and Microsoft square off in internet ready phone war
  28. Microsoft announcements at GSM WC in Cannes
  29. Pocket PC Phone Edition information
  30. PocketPCWriter coverage of 3GSM World Congress
  31. Earthlink acquires Omnisky
  32. The Microsoft Wireless 1,2,3
  33. Compaq iPAQ 3760 Pocket PC Trade In and Trade Up program
  34. Asus to try hand at own-branded PDAs
  35. Compal Smartphone 2002
  36. HTC Pocket PC shipments to rise to two million units
  37. Palmtops for speedier police checks
  38. MVQ streaming may blow away MPEG-4
  39. AvantGo invited to Microsoft's Mobility Council
  40. Seiko Instruments Introduces new SmartPad for Pocket PCs
  41. Macromedia Flash MX
  42. Microsoft Pocket PC dev team seeks input on Transcriber
  43. Big hurdle cleared - HP and CPQ merger looks on track
  44. Worldwide 3G rollout status
  45. Casio Adds Life to Mobile Devices
  46. Welcome Fujitsu LOOX
  47. Microsoft announcements at CeBIT
  48. Seamless wireless access
  49. F-Secure announces agreements with Fujitsu, Compaq and HP
  50. Fujitsu Shows Off Its First PDA
  51. PrintMe Networks Eases Mobile Printing
  52. Microsoft Smart Phones Come Calling
  53. VoiceStream, Verizon and Sprint PCS get Pocket PC Phones
  54. Microsoft reaches major milestone, clever strategy
  55. Microsoft Smart Phones Coming Soon
  56. HP declares victory (and no you can't see the votes)
  57. Navini Networks Delivers True Nomadic Wireless Broadband
  58. Instant imaging for Pocket PC 2002 and Smartphone 2002
  59. Smallest GPS receiver for Pocket PCs
  60. CompactGPRS card from Pretec
  61. Compaq shareholders overwhelmingly vote to merge
  62. Urdu made easy
  63. MS prepares an update to Windows CE .NET
  64. Politics or bugs behind Microsoft exec massacre?
  65. Japan's DoCoMo starts 4G tests
  66. Online Shopping Set to Go Mobile
  67. Vodafone to offer seamless GPRS roaming in Europe
  68. Chip crammed with phone, GPS, Bluetooth
  69. Newest Pocket PC kid on the block - BSmart Communicator
  70. What Price Wireless Apps?
  71. The Wallaby Cometh
  72. Now the real fun begins - Walter Hewlett sues to stop merger
  73. BSQUARE Unveils SDIONow! Program
  74. Pocket PC magazine Video Edition
  75. Swatch Pocket PC Phones arrives
  76. MARGI Systems Plus Westtek Clearvue Suite
  77. Impulsesoft delivers Bluetooth audio support for Pocket PCs
  78. Little Guy Takes on Software Giant and loses
  79. Shoppers Put PDA Plans on Hold
  80. NEC to reenter US cell phone market - Phone Edition?
  81. Wireless Devices For Bartenders?
  82. Hand-Held Makers Woo 'Influencers' For Cheap Marketing
  83. Pocket Loox comes with Phone Edition
  84. Compaq iPAQs to Track Participants at the 2002 Boston Marath
  85. Pocket PC's head to China
  86. UCSD bus riders make speedy Net connection
  87. Scott eVEST Corporate Logos
  88. Fido launches $50 flat rate GPRS plan
  89. Pocket PC Magazine Videos of CTIA--Part II
  90. Neonode releases Microsoft Smartphone phone?
  91. Amiga releases Pocket PC applications today
  92. Bellevue - The Wireless City
  93. New HP Handheld PC and new Toshiba Pocket PC
  94. Toshiba e310
  95. Yet Another New Toshiba
  96. Dell and PDAs
  97. Mobile Learning Supplement
  98. Toshiba brings Bluetooth Capabilities to Innovative Storage
  99. U.S. Robotics Doubles Wi-Fi Speeds
  100. iPAQ passes 2 million mark
  101. Official word from Toshiba on new e310 model
  102. New member to Advisory Council
  103. Coca-Cola mobilizes field service technicians
  104. Microsoft VP says...
  105. pocketnow.com is back up
  106. Pocket PC gains in Europe
  107. HP Jornada 575 ?
  108. Compaq pre-announces ROM update
  109. Microsoft scores car industry win
  110. Overdrive partners with Palm Digital Media (Peanut Press)
  111. It is a done deal - HP overcame last hurdle to buy Compaq
  112. It is official - the HP iPAQ Pocket PC
  113. High Speed In The High Skies
  114. Wireless firms squirm as FCC insists on follow rules
  115. Data Protection for the Pocket PC
  116. McDonald's Serves up Wireless Net Access
  117. PalmTec + Scribble = Proporta
  118. U.S. Army selects Pocket PC, Odyssey Software and V-ONE
  119. Microsoft brings Pocket PC Phones and Smartphones to China
  120. Pocket PC Gets EarthLink Services
  121. Security flaw in Pocket PC Phone Edition?
  122. Bright future for Pocket PC gamers
  123. iPAQ Pocket PC Users Have New Options
  124. Smartphone Makes Waves at Pocket PC Summit
  125. Win Your Choice Of PDA
  126. Intel Xscale is delayed to July
  127. mmO2 XDA released
  128. The Analysts Agree About Gaming Potential
  129. Verizon Wireless and Microsoft in alliance
  130. SYWARE Introduces FoneDB, Smartphone 2002 Database
  131. June Launch for New Pocket PCs based on Intel PXA210 and 250
  132. China's #1 computer maker partners with Microsoft for phone
  133. Dear MS Mac team, have you ever heard of a Pocket PC?
  134. Telus launches Velocity Wireless 1xRTT plan
  135. The Role of Wireless Pocket PCs in Medical Curriculum
  136. Microsoft smartphone ships to developers
  137. Lighter, personalized Pocket PCs make Computex debut
  138. Palm giving away its m105 handheld
  139. Pocket PCs invade Australia
  140. Palm ships OS 5 to developers
  141. The King is dead, long live the King
  142. Warm air to issue from boozy notebooks
  143. Stalker tech
  144. The New Shape of WLAN Cards
  145. Is hand-writing recognition dead?
  146. The Second Coming of Bluetooth
  147. Symbol gets a refill on their Pepsi contract
  148. NBC and Mazingo Team Up
  149. New group aims at wireless standard
  150. The big threat to 802.11b
  151. Running Voice GSM 2.0
  152. Audiovox to release Toshiba 550G in Q4 in North America
  153. Hand Writing Recognition set to grow
  154. King Of All Pocket PCs
  155. Behind Microsoft's mobile revamp
  156. Toshiba e740 Pocket PC Canada’s First Handheld With 802.11b
  157. iPAQ ROM upgrade moved to July
  158. Get a big memory card - movies coming to a PPC near you!
  159. Orange offering iPAQ 3870 and Ericcson T39m for £499
  160. 1GB of optical storage?
  161. Pocket PC used in rough environment
  162. Dude! You're gettin' a Dell!
  163. HP iPAQ Pocket PC 3900 series released
  164. Faster, wireless Pocket PCs
  165. HP and Raytheon to offer ruggedized Pocket PC
  166. TomTom Navigator and TomTom Maps-on-Line
  167. Synchrologic Email Accelerator
  168. XScale-Pocket PC marriage lacks oomph
  169. Want More Exciting Pocket LOOX News?
  170. Mazingo Adds Classic Television Shows
  171. Want Wi-Fi? Learn the secret code
  172. Wanna play? Old games get new life
  173. Pocket PC's 44% of Australia's market?
  174. EzWAP 2.5 Launched
  175. Why Wi-Fi Will Die
  176. Bluetooth 2.0
  177. Pocket PC Magazine releases digital version
  178. Microsoft Unveils Mobility Workplace
  179. AT&T Wireless and VoiceStream to merge?
  180. Smartphone 2002 - Stick a fork in it, it's done.
  181. New Pocket PC in Q1 2003?
  182. Consumers like Sony and Handspring devices
  183. Lots of Flash, Even More Sizzle
  184. Hey pal...pass me a Corona
  185. Oilers scouts go high-tech
  186. HP Jumps on Mobile Flash Wagon
  187. Semotus Solutions and Sonic Mobility announce partnership
  188. T-Mobile creates new website for US
  189. News features offered by MSN 8
  190. Pocket PC 2002 Logo Testing Lab partners with HP
  191. Ericsson Begins to Develop Prototype High-Speed Bluetooth
  192. 4000 mmO2 Pocket PC Phone Edition devices (xda) sold
  193. Socket Communications continues growth
  194. I beat pt to Flash news
  195. HTC SmartPhone 2002
  196. Handheld shipments slide in Q2, 2002 in Europe
  197. Palm and IBM team up against Microsoft
  198. RealNetworks to stream WMA files?
  199. Pocket PC App Enables Ad Hoc Wireless Networking
  200. Dell no longer selling HP products
  201. European handheld shipments plummet
  202. AvantGo narrows loss, to cut work force
  203. HP: Jornada users won't be neglected
  204. Let the iPAQ be your tour guide at Tate Modern
  205. Pocket PCs gain ground in declining market
  206. Dell to sell Windows CE device?
  207. Casio leaves the Pocket PC market in the US
  208. Changes in the Windows CE world?
  209. Windows CE.NET 4.1 ships
  210. Vedic Technologies' VedicPhone As Walkie-Talkie Replacement
  211. Microsoft and AT&T to launch Pocket PC Phones?
  212. VoiceStream Finally Announces Phone Edition Availability
  213. O2 xda travels the world
  214. RIM faces pressure from Pocket PC Phone and Smartphone
  215. Wireless LAN Use Continues to Climb
  216. More PDA market share numbers
  217. Loox is not coming to the USA. Not!
  218. UK readers can win an O2 XDA
  219. Who Needs Paper? Not Iowa College
  220. Could Apple Quicktime makes its way to the Pocket PC?
  221. HP downplays iPAQ complaints
  222. TV in a pocket
  223. Taiwan firms line up in battle of the PDAs
  224. Are they lost, nowhere to be found?
  225. Odyssey Software certifies ruggedized Windows CE devices
  226. Power to the people
  227. Ricochet Is Bouncing Back!
  228. Intel rolls up its sleeves to help with X-Scale optimization
  229. Samsung Chips In for Cheaper Flash Memory
  230. Pocket PC OEMs talking to Palm?
  231. Who's going to build the Dell Pocket PC?
  232. Transmeta certified for Windows CE .NET
  233. FAA on PDA use on planes
  234. Palmtops in the Operating Room
  235. T-Mobile to offer WiFi access at Starbucks
  236. Pocket PC used in motion control
  237. Wells Fargo to shutter wireless banking service
  238. Update on the iPAQpetition front
  239. Ericsson to re-evaluate Sony Ericsson venture
  240. Intel's new 3D tools take flight on Pocket PC 2002
  241. The Holy Grail of Remote Controls
  242. Slowly but surely, the word is getting out!
  243. Does BSQUARE's reference design tell the future?
  244. Sony and Philips create a new wireless standard...
  245. More on the new iPAQ design
  246. PDA Shipments Continue to Slide
  247. AT&T planning Java phone debut
  248. PocketWijzer released
  249. Top selling PDAs at eShop
  250. CBC News comes to Pocket PCs via Mazingo