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Old 07-14-2009, 02:00 PM
Vincent Ferrari
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Default We Want You!

So now that we've hopefully ingratiated ourselves into your life a little bit, we'd like you to join us.  That's right, we're looking for new blood on the team and if you like Apple and Apple Products and would be willing to share your talents with a large and growing audience, this is the place to do it.

Both positions come with a 90 day "probation" period, which means that we won't officially decide whether you're staying on for 90 days.  The excellent part of that, for you, is that it gives you time to learn the ropes and get in the groove.  If you decide it isn't for you, cool.  If you want to stay, then it's just a matter of removing "in-training" from your title!

News Editors

You'll be responsible for digging out news stories from around the web or other news sources and posting them on Apple Thoughts once to twice a day (when possible). You will also receive assignments from your illustrious Executive Editor (I hear he's a great guy).  Sometimes there will be a deadline, sometimes not (most of the time, not).

If this is something you think you might be interested in, send two stories in Thoughts Media news format (see prior posts for examples) to [email protected]. We'll be reviewing them in the next week or so and will contact you if we think you're a good match.

Review Team Members

You'll be responsible for securing review items (applications / hardware / accessories) and maintaining relationships with vendors and developers. This position will require one review every 3-4 weeks, but more are always welcome. You may also, from time to time, receive review assignments from your amazingly fabulous Executive Editor (really, he's a great guy) with the expectation that they're turned around as soon as they can be.

Reviewers may also be called upon to do video reviews if the product warrants, but no one is going to make you get on camera if you aren't comfortable doing so.

If this position interests you, send two reviews in Thoughts Media reviews format (see prior posts for examples) to [email protected]. We'll be reviewing them over the next week or so and will contact you if we think you're a good match.

If, on the amazing chance you're interested in both positions, by all means try out for both! The only thing we ask is that you send your review "samples" and your news "samples" in separate e-mails, and the reason for that is that we may have different people sorting out the different positions.

Don't be shy!  If you're interested in doing this, we're interested in hearing from you!


Current Apple Stuff: 24" iMac, iPhone 4, AppleTV (original), 4gb Shuffle, 64gb iPad 2.
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