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Old 09-25-2008, 05:00 PM
Jon Westfall
Executive Editor, Android Thoughts
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Default More ASUS P565 Rumors & Specs Appear

"Nothing is quite official about this ASUS phone just yet, but the current speculation is that it's actually the ASUS P565 and, judging from some newly-detailed specs, it looks like it shouldn't have much trouble attracting its share of interest. Leading the way is a speedy 800MHz Marvell Tavor processor (apparently a first for any phone), and a still relatively uncommon 2.8-inch VGA screen, which should go nicely with the VGA camera for video conferencing (you'll get 3-megapixels for still mages). Otherwise, you can expect European HSDPA connectivity, built-in GPS, a 1300mAh battery that promises 3.5 hours of 3G talk time, and Windows Mobile 6.1 for an OS (with ASUS' Glide software on top of it), of course."

While nothing is incrediably wow-ing about this ASUS offering (although the VGA screen is a nice touch over the dated QVGA we've seen OEMs continue to peddle), it does do my heart good to see that GPS is somewhat of a standard feature now. And 3 MP+ cameras are a nice addition too. Who knows, within a few years, perhaps a Windows Mobile device will wow us again!

Dr. Jon Westfall, MCSE, MS-MVP
Executive Editor - Android Thoughts
News Editor - Windows Phone Thoughts

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Old 09-26-2008, 12:50 PM
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Well, maybe it is not totaly out there with all its features being new and innovative, but hey, the 624MHz barrier looks like it's finaly broken, which has to count for some thing?

I had to raise both my eyebrows when I saw it
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Old 09-30-2008, 02:33 PM
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Yet another boring device... but the 800mhz is a step in the right direction/. If its reasonably slim I imagine it wont do too bad.

With a bit more leeway for thickness, this phone could be awesome with a vertical slider, qwerty hidden below.

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