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Old 08-01-2008, 06:22 PM
Join Date: Dec 2006
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Default Zunigami Case for 4/8gb models

i have been working on the design and production of this case for a few weeks, and is finally ready for production.
Here is the final result :]

Order Details

Name: Zunigami
Inspiration: Origami
Compatibility: zune4/8gb models
Price: 8$ clear
10$ painted
(shipping included in price)
Shipment: US ONLY\
Shipping method: first class, case will be shipped flat.
(you will need to bend it into shape yourself)

Payment: Paypal Only

Type: hard case
Material: plastic
Thickness: .030in
(extremely thin form factor)
Protection: 90%, screen covered, most sides protected
Color choices: Light Gunmetal, Clear
Locking mechanism: latches & hooks, (no adhesive)
Accessibility: Back, play/pause, dpad, headphonejack, usb.
(lock and lanyard ports are closed off)
Required Tabs: back, play/pause, is needed to press these buttons easily, without them, it would be really hard to press them.
(have been tested without, but have decided to stick with the tabs)


mica red has been pulled

CLEAR zunigami - 8$

(logo will not be blue, but will be clear, or see through on both clear and painted models)

PAINTED zunigami - $10

light gunmetal



1-this is what you will get in the mail... you will first need to peel the blue protective covering, if you ordered the clear version.
for the painted version, removed the blue protective covering, located on the logo.
(use your fingernail, to grab an edge, just pick at it with your nails)

2-start folding



*fold on a flat surface, like a desk
**when folding, place the tip of your fingers or nails along the perforated edge, and bend along the line.
***have a steady grip, take it slow, dont rush things, try to do a little at a time.


if you have any questions or comments, or just plain "cool" comments, feel free to reply to this thread, or pm me directly
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