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Old 07-10-2008, 05:39 AM
Rocco Augusto
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Default Mippin Refreshes User Interface... and Leaves Me Unimpressed.

"Mippin audience grows to 10 million monthly page views across 146 countries... Mippin, a free mobile media service that makes discovering, consuming, and sharing content on mobile phones easy, today announced that Judy Gibbons has joined the team as CEO. Additionally, in advance of the new 3G phone launch Mippin has further enhanced its service for iPhone. The refined version benefits from even faster performance and a number of user interface improvements that make finding, discovering and sharing interesting content more intuitive and effective."

So I took a bit of time to play around with Mippin today. I expected Mippin to be a fun and refreshing content portal based off of the upbeat and giddy press release that was sent my way. Unfortunately after playing around with it, it becomes quickly apparent that Mippin is no different from the dozens of other web portal applications out there. From what I could see there was no real benefit to using this service over any of the content, news and media portals that are provided by your carrier (e.g. - AT&T's http://home/). Now don't get me wrong, I don’t really think there is anything wrong with this service. The problem is that what Mippin has done has been done so many times before that I have literally been more impressed with cereal boxes than I was this service. A little word of advice to those out there working on 'the next big mobile content portal' - it has already been done! Move along people! Try building us something original and new… and maybe even useful if you want to be daring!  Just please for the love of all things mobile and good stop rehashing the same old junk over and over again!

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Old 07-11-2008, 04:25 AM
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s/Mippin/Smartphone Thoughts/g
s/mobile content portal/mobile device site/g

Don't be so quick to dismiss them - I was thinking that if they've got 10 million monthly page views, they may be doing something right...
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Old 07-11-2008, 09:26 AM
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Default Mippin Test

Hello Rocco, sorry to hear that Mippin left you unimpressed. We try to do two different things really well: first, if you are a beginner user of the internet on your phone, we help you find and discover content that you may not have known existed. It is considerably broader and deeper than content you might find on your carrier deck or on the established Yahoo or MSN decks. The long tail lives and breathes on Mippin. Second, we try and help advanced users organise their favourite feeds in one place. It becomes a great destination for a quick check in to the latest stories from your favourites. Mippin Today is a great way of checking into the most recent stories from your favourite content feeds.

There are a number of things we are continually tweaking which we know we do not have quite right. And we also know that we cannot please everyone (no matter how much that hurts). Nonetheless, we hope you give it another test drive at some stage and we meet the need.
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Old 07-11-2008, 06:35 PM
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In spite of the negative tone of the original post of this thread, I went ahead and took a look, and I'm actually pretty pleased with what I saw. It does seem a nice way to draw a lot of information together into one spot in a useful form. I'll be keeping it in my Favorites and checking it regularly. Thanks.
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