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Old 09-17-2006, 12:34 AM
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Default Zune won't work with Media Center video files (recorded TV shows)

Zune won't play Media Center Video Files (Recorded TV)

This is probably the worst product decision microsoft has ever made in the entertainment space, besides not allowing video streaming to the 360. They decided to take the "my tv" functionality out of the portable media center software when they were recoding it for the Zune. So, you can't transfer your tv shows from your media center pc to the Zune. So, it seems that they want you to buy a Zune or a Media Center PC, but not both?? Very interesting decision if you ask me. Why would they want to shut Zune users out of putting their recorded tv on the player. Oh, but of course...I fogot, this is big business. If they allow you to put your recorded tv on there, then you would have no reason to buy shows on Zune marketplace for 1.99. Ok, I get it now. Any thoughts?

Microsoft is starting to work like Sony. The different divisions don't appear to be talking to each other and coordinating to make the products great. It appears that they're doing things independently of one another, with the result being incomplete products that don't link together their different technologies. It appears that they want to punish you for getting a Zune instead of a portable media player like the Gigabeat. But, if they're trying to sell as many zunes as possible, why on earth would they want to do that? If anyone at Microsoft is listening or reading this blog, please drop me a line.
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