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Old 01-26-2005, 10:30 PM
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Default GoToMeeting Makes Online Meetings Easier Than Ever

Has this ever happened to you? You’re on the phone with a prospect. You’re going through a presentation that you just emailed them an hour ago. You can hear them flipping through the pages. You can hear some mumbling in the background. They’re talking about something on page 15. But you’re only on page 7!

Suddenly, they cut you off and ask: “So, how much will this cost?” It’s every salesperson’s nightmare. And it happens every day. Especially over the phone.

Transform Every Phone Call into a Personal Meeting
Now imagine being “inside” a prospect’s office to present your sales pitch; sitting “next to” your best client to perform a product demo; or working “side by side” with a new client to put the final touches on a contract – all without leaving your office!

You can with GoToMeeting™, an advanced online meeting solution that gives you the power to maximize each and every phone call by letting you control your presentations remotely. All you need is your computer, an Internet connection and a phone to:

• Present to clients, prospects or leads, and dramatically reduce your sales cycle
• Hold product demos with new customers to show them exactly how your new device works
• Perform “good as there” training sessions that save hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars in travel costs
• Collaborate online with colleagues to work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations – and get work done faster
• Conduct efficient, productive meetings with people across town, across the country or across the globe

Here’s what companies like yours have achieved with GoToMeeting:

“GoToMeeting has helped us close at least 10% more sales per month.
That’s nearly $400,000 in recurring revenue.”
-- David Flook, Partner, CheckPoint HR

“GoToMeeting increased our sales by 20%,
or about $500,000 a year.”
-- Stephen Zielinski, Director of Technical Support, TyMetrix

Best of all, GoToMeeting’s All You Can Meet flat-fee feature is an industry first and provides organizations with a tremendous ROI while dramatically increasing employee productivity. With GoToMeeting, you can meet as much as you – for as long as you want – for one low flat rate.

How Online Meetings Work
Unless you’ve been living in an ice cave for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of online meetings. Also known as virtual meetings, e-meetings and Web meetings, these innovations in business technology have been growing extremely popular.

Why? Because they give business people like you and me the opportunity to meet with clients, prospects and employees quickly and efficiently – without having to get on a plane or drive across town. This means you can quickly realize tremendous savings on two very important assets: time and travel costs.

The key is the Internet. Using this amazing medium, you can be anywhere, anytime you want. The problem is, many online meeting services can be difficult to use. Or expensive. Or filled with so many bells and whistles they actually bog down your presentation, causing frustration for you and your attendees.

GoToMeeting is completely different. This state-of-the-art solution is engineered with elegant simplicity. The result: fast, cost-effective meetings. In a recent survey, 98% of the respondents said they were satisfied with GoToMeeting and nearly 8 out of 10 said they would renew their subscriptions.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Go to, and sign up for a free trial.
2. Schedule your meeting – now or later.
3. Hold your meeting.

That’s it! There’s nothing else to it. GoToMeeting’s intuitive set of features makes it the easiest, most secure and cost-effective online meeting solution you’ll ever use.

6 Reasons Why GoToMeeting Is the Easiest Online Solution Available

Reason #1: One-Click Instant Meetings. This is one of GoToMeeting’s most useful and powerful tools. After you’ve downloaded the program and set it up (it takes all of two minutes), you just click on the GoToMeeting icon in your system tray. Instantly, a window pops up asking you if you want to “Meet Now” or “Schedule a Meeting.” If you click “Meet Now,” you can start a meeting in seconds.

Meet immediately or schedule a meeting for later.

Let’s say you’re on the phone with another new prospect. He likes what he hears and asks when he can see a product demo. You say: “How about right now!” You click the “Meet Now” button, and an email is sent directly to his Microsoft® Outlook® email box. All he does is click the link and the meeting’s started. He doesn’t even need to have a GoToMeeting account. (Note: You can schedule an instant meeting using most instant-messaging applications, too.)

Reason #2: You Show It on Your Screen, They See It on Theirs. Think your client needs PowerPoint or Excel or Quark or Acrobat or CAD to see what’s on your desktop? Think again. As long as both you and your attendees have PCs with good Internet connections, if you can view on your computer, you can show it with GoToMeeting.

Show attendees exactly what’s on your screen.

Reason #3: Desktop Sharing for Maximum Collaboration. Productivity during meetings can be greatly improved when it’s easy to share ideas. That’s why the engineers of GoToMeeting built in the ability to switch presenters. With just a click, you can “hand over” your keyboard-and-mouse to an attendee. The result: Attendees can type, point or manipulate elements on your screen for everyone to see. Think about how much more quickly you can get things done when everyone contributes during a meeting.

Give control of your keyboard and mouse to any attendee.

Reason #4: Online Chat Reduces Disruptions. It happens in almost every meeting: Somebody asks a minor question and sidetracks the entire discussion. It can be annoying and nonproductive, to say the least. That’s why GoToMeeting provides an online Chat feature. Just like instant-messaging applications, online Chat messages can be sent to a specific meeting attendee or to all attendees before or during a meeting. Not only does this encourage collaboration, it also reduces the disruption caused by tangential questions and comments.

Chat with attendees in real time.

Reason #5: Advanced Security for Your Peace of Mind. GoToMeeting uses the industry’s leading security technology to keep prying eyes from spying on your meetings: SSL and U.S. government-standard 128-bit AES encryption. You can be confident that your meetings are safe and secure. In addition, passwords and unique meeting identification numbers further protect your meetings against unauthorized meeting attendees.

Reason #6: Unlimited Meetings for One Flat Rate. Many online meeting services charge by the meeting or by the minute. Not GoToMeeting. Our exclusive All You Can MeetTM pricing structure lets you conduct 10 or 10,000 meetings a year for one low price, with up to 10 attendees per meeting. No overages, hidden fees or extra charges. Plus, your attendees can participate for free – they don’t even need to subscribe.

After conducting your first on-the-spot online presentation with GoToMeeting, you’ll never want to be without it. And when you start to add up how much you can increase productivity and save in travel costs, you’ll want your entire company to use it.

To learn more about GoToMeeting, you can try it free. Think of it as a test drive. To get started, simply click here. There’s no cost or obligation to discover how easy online meetings can be.
- - - - - - - - - -
The above article is a paid advertisement for GoToMeeting and does not necessarily represent the views of Pocket PC Thoughts.
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