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Old 12-16-2003, 03:32 PM
Join Date: Aug 2002
Posts: 21
Default SuperWaba 4.1 Java-like VM for Palm OS, WindowsCE/PocketPC, Win32 released

SuperWaba is a Java-like VM for PDAs. Can run in PalmOS, in Windows CE/PocketPC devices and in Windows 98 and beyond, and is fully emulated under JDK and browser. Have support for Exceptions, Threads, lots of user interface controls, double and long 64 bit types, supports Grayscale in all PalmOS devices starting 2.0, supports Color, has a beautiful set of 3d controls, supports JNI and Java libraries, its fast and small, lets you use all device's memory if needed, supports Symbol scanners, bluetooth, sockets and serial/IR. Also supports html and full UNICODE range (chinese, japanese, korean, etc).

You can make programs using your favorite Java IDE, debug everything in desktop and when finished just deploy it in the device. There are several libraries added by users that enhance the basic set of classes. The programs are totaly portable between the platforms, and even the database is also portable! SuperWaba has more than 10000 members from 150 countries worldwide. Welcome to the world of easy cross-platform!

SuperWaba 4.1 (December 15, 2003)

.Full Unicode Support! (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc)
.New XMl package
.New Html Container
.New HtmlBrowser
.Support for Gif/Jpeg/Png library
.Support for Treo 600, Intermec Norand 600, Zire 21, Mono WinCE devices
.Improved Image loading speed
.Now you can add a txt file using Warp and read it directly (Vm.getFile)
.Lots of bug fixes
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