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Old 06-24-2002, 04:04 PM
Jason Dunn
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Default Microsot's Palladium Push published a very interesting article about a radically different approach to computing security. It's dubbed "Palladium", and it's something you should read about - I hadn't heard of it at all before this article, but it's refreshing to see Microsoft paying attention to what's going on in the world out there - it's ugly, and there are a lot of people that want to damage the data on your computer. The question is, will Microsoft pull this off in a way that works? Or will it be another Microsoft Bob 1.0?

"Here's something that cries for a safeguard: the world of computer bits. An endless roster of security holes allows cyber-thieves to fill up their buffers with credit-card numbers and corporate secrets. It’s easier to vandalize a Web site than to program a remote control. Entertainment moguls boil in their hot tubs as movies and music are swapped, gratis, on the Internet. Consumers fret about the loss of privacy. And computer viruses proliferate and mutate faster than they can be named.

Computer security is enough of a worry that the software colossus Microsoft views it as a threat to its continued success: thus the apocalyptic Bill Gates memo in January calling for a “Trustworthy Computing” jihad. What Gates did not specifically mention was Microsoft’s hyperambitious long-range plan to literally change the architecture of PCs in order to address the concerns of security, privacy and intellectual property. The plan, revealed for the first time to NEWSWEEK, is... Palladium, and it’s one of the riskiest ventures the company has ever attempted. Though Microsoft does not claim a panacea, the system is designed to dramatically improve our ability to control and protect personal and corporate information. Even more important, Palladium is intended to become a new platform for a host of yet-unimagined services to enable privacy, commerce and entertainment in the coming decades. “This isn’t just about solving problems, but expanding new realms of possibilities in the way people live and work with computers,” says product manager Mario Juarez." Source: pt
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Old 06-24-2002, 05:04 PM
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Default Palladium is just another name for CBDTPA.

Microsoft wants to make sure Recording Industry Ass. of America and Motion Picture Ass. of America are happy with the new Windows version that implements DRM (which Palladium is). Senator Hollings must be happy. What a pity.
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Old 06-24-2002, 05:59 PM
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Default Just a thought...

To quote from the press release: "In ancient Troy stood the Palladium, a statue of the goddess Athena. Legend has it that the safety of the city depended on that icon's preservation. Later the term came to mean a more generic safeguard." --Isn't Troy the city that was breached by rather famous horse????? Just food for thought!
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Old 06-24-2002, 06:14 PM
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This post is going to make your jaw hang open as to what I'm about to say but.....I'm starting to wonder if the terrorist hit the right building. The balls on this company astound me. This small, 247 word, newsbyte alone scare the living scrap out of me. 8O NEVER has one company wheeled so much power.

Microsoft since Windows 95 has NEVER has the consumer's best interest in mind. NEVER. Its always been about the bottom line and how they can capture a greater market share. This is the single driving force behind EVERY idea/technology/push that comes out of Microsoft.

This isn't about secure computing. Secure computing can happen NOW. Right now. With a properly set up OS. This is more about MS and how they can further control the PC and keep other OS's from being installed on it.

Change the fundamental structure of the OS by working closely with hardware manufactures and what do you have? A closed system. A system not unlike Apple but worse. A system that can't run any other OS other then one. Guess who's?

This is worse then an Orwellian world! In a government structure you at least have something based on control. In this model its not about control its about how to strip money away from the user. In some cases this is worse.

If this occurs industry wide I'd rather stop using PC's altogether. I will NOT accept this. If I have to import parts from foreign nations that won't support this idea I will. Even if it jack the price of hardware up to 5 grand per computer.

But as always the average person on the street is like cattle. MS will slowly implement this with their OEM's and the user is going to shrug and say what can we do. MOOOOOO. :evil: I wish I was kidding but I want the heads of MS gone. By antitrust trial is possible.

I hate the heads of Microsoft. I mean with a passion. :twisted: So much potential in that company. So many good people. If they were actually lead by people with actual morals this wouldn't be an issue.

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