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Old 08-25-2006, 04:41 PM
Jason Dunn
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Default FCC Reveals Zune: Guts and Glory

"Well, here's a bit of a surprise: a wireless PMP just showed up on the FCC, featuring a 30GB HDD, FM tuner and a strangely familiar 3-inch screen. And it ain't being manufactured by Microsoft. Instead it looks like Microsoft got their good pal Toshiba to produce the Zune, which not only saves Microsoft the job of gearing up some production lines for the thing, but seems to keep them from stepping on at least one PlayForSure licensee's toes. Things get more interesting from there, since the documentation refers to those other heavily bandied code names: "Pyxis" and "Argo." From the looks of things, Pyxis seems to be the name for the network which Zune devices will use to share content, since in the "DJing Content" section it states that "Pyxis allows you to stream music to up to 4 other Pyxis devices." A bit more confusing, however, is that "You can invite other Argo members that you meet to be your friends wirelessly." Of course, it's always likely that they hadn't gotten all the codenames smoothed out by the time they wrote that up, but it's clear that the Zune player as we know it is only a small part of the overall "Zune" plan."

engadget has posted a great story about the Zune: FCC documents have been discovered that tell us more about the Zune than ever. The reason why the Zune was submitted to the FCC is due to the integrated WiFi: anything that sends a wireless signal must be approved by the FCC. And since the FCC started putting documents up on the Web, almost every new phone and wireless gadget has been "exposed" this way. We'll unravel the FCC Zune documents in a series of posts today...but it looks like our logo design was on target.
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