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Old 11-22-2006, 09:00 PM
Aaron Roma
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Default All Fun and Games, Until Somone Gets Squirted in the Eye


"Spontaneously browsing a nearby music collection could result in any number of fascinating outcomes. How cool would it be to sit in a subway or take a break in a gym and check out the contents of the nearby music players, then try to visually identify the Miles Davis fan, the Ramones rocker and the Barry Manilow sentimentalist?"

Ah... "squirting". That wonderful, visual inducing phrase unofficially coined by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in reference to Zune's wireless sending capabilities during a BusinessWeek interview. Much ado has been made about Zune's wireless capabilities, or lack thereof. The first wave of devices are quite limited, using wireless for simple Zune to Zune sharing of photos and songs. (Unless you plan on playing Santa this year, and buying Zunes for all your friends and family, how useful is this feature right now?)  Newsweek talks about how Zune's wireless comes up a little short, and discusses how Microsoft might make the Social a little more Sociable, such as allowing other Zunes to browse your library to see what you're into. So how about it? Would you allow your Zune library to be viewed by the public? Would you actually approach a stranger and use their Zune playlist to strike up a conversation? (And please, Mr. Ballmer, can we come up with a better term?)

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