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Old 01-20-2006, 10:00 AM
Jason Dunn
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Default Steven Hughes Profiles Three New Portable Media Center 2.0 Devices

While I had some photos and spec sheets of these new PMC devices, Steven Hughes has done the work for me and profiled each device. Each device offers something a little different, but having Toshiba and LG on board means the PMC platform is around for the long haul. Check out the new devices...

"Tatung is looking to move from their PC and Tablet based hardware and get into mobile consumer electronics with smartphones and portable media centers. The o*ne I got to see and briefly use at CES was the Tatung V620 Portable Media Center. A device similar to lasts years popular Samsung Yepp YH-999 20 GB Portable Media Center. The The Tatung V620 Portable Media Center offers a sizable 3.5 color QVGA display (320 x 240) and a similar storage capacity of 20GB. The Tatung will play 20 hours of audio or 5 hours of video o*n a full single charge and is using Texas Instruments DM320 MPU." [Read Post]

"At CES I got to have some quick hands o*n time with LGs first portable media center in the US, the PM70 Portable Media Center, which can record,store, and play music, videos, and photos.The 30GB drive can store up to 7500 songs,3000 music videos, 50 hours of TV/Movies or up to 45,000 photos. Its 4.3" 16:9 ratio widescreen (finally!) makes it perfect for watching movies and built-in stereo speakers make for a better listening experience. This unit even adds a direct composite AV line-in for recording from various video sources and an AV/line out for external TV display. The LG PM70 PMC sports some pretty cool features besides its widescreen TFT LCD and 30GB HD, like 16 hours of audio /4 hours of video off of a full charge, TV out, camera in, SD slot,USB 2.0 port, built-in mic, and a cool built in kickstand in a very svelt package. [Read Post]

"Toshiba had brought along a very competative, dimunitive portable media center to CES called the Gigabeat S Series Portable Media Center offering a vivid 2.4" QVGA color display and an extended storage capacity, so you can take your favorite digital media with you. Packing in a lot of features in this small casing (devoid of any labelling except for a black? windows Start button and Back button - probably due to being a pre-production model or going for a new look in that is so simple to use) besides having the standard features of a Portable Media Center to watch videos or TV, listen to music and download album art from o*nline music providers you can also tune into your favorite FM radio station with the unique FM tuner feature.The Gigabeat comes in a choice of colors and 2 storage options of either 30 and 60 GB HD capacities. The small unit sports a 20 audio/6 video hours of battery life o*n a single charge and TV out option for a larger viewing experience." [Read Post]
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