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Old 11-15-2006, 02:14 PM
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Unhappy (more than) One Store to Rule them All

I have a dilemma. Like many, this Zune isn't my first mp3 player. I have a Portable Media Center (which I never should have bought but I did and I try and make the best ouf of it but I'm just not getting my return on investment) and my wife has a Sansa flash player for her running.

I love and rely on music subscription services to keep those devices full of a variety of music based upon whatever my whim is at the time. I subscribed to Yahoo music for a year and knowing that the Zune was coming, I didn't renew but I'm trying out Urge for a while.

Now that the Zune Marketplace is out, I'm learning that it isn't going to be a one-stop solution for all of my devices. ZM won't sync to my PMC or my wife's device at all. It doesn't even see them plugged in.

And, as we know, all the existing Plays for Sure music will not go onto the Zune. The Zune won't have it.

So, what Microsoft is forcing me to do is to continue the Urge service for my wife's Plays For Sure if I want to keep her pick-and-choose experience (which, believe me, I do- she's adapted quite well to it and doesn't want to lose it (she doesn't know yet)) and then I'd have to have the Zune subscription if I want to continue to have that user experience on the Zune.

Is that what everyone else is getting out of this? One sub for one device and another sub for all the others?
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