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Old 11-15-2006, 04:30 AM
Aaron Roma
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Default Accessory Frustration

I have a complaint.  I picked up my Zune (very) early this morning.  The Wal-Mart I purchased it from didn't even have the Zunes out on the self yet, so I excused them for not having any accessories out for purchase.  (It was only 12:30AM, after all.)   No problem, I figured.  I'll play with my Zune today at work, and I'll accessorize it on my way home.  I'm not a picky man.  All I require at this point are two accessories: a car charger, and a FM transmitter.   I can purchase them separately, or, as Microsoft has made it easy for me, purchase the Car Kit which contains everything I need.  I went to 3 Wal-Marts, 2 Best Buys, 1 Circuit City, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree... er Sears.  Number of stores selling Zunes: 7.  Number of stores selling even a single Zune accessory: 0.  What gives?  Is it truly that much to ask to be prepared for what is supposed to be a market changing product launch?  Everyone loses in this situation.  Microsoft loses out on not only accessory sales, but possibly Zune sales as well since there were no accessories available.  The stores lose out on add-on sales.  The customer loses out because HE CAN'T LISTEN TO HIS ZUNE IN THE CAR LIKE HE WANTS TO!   Has anyone else noticed what the Zune accessory situation is in their market?

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