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Old 11-14-2006, 02:00 PM
Jason Dunn
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Default Zune Supports Embedded Album Art: That's Frickin' Awesome!

Know what that is? That's something that neither my Zen Vision:M nor my Gigabeat S can do: display embedded album art. What's that you might ask? Rather than the dysfunctional method of album art storage that Microsoft employs, where it dumps JPEG images into the same folder as the song and makes them hidden, embedded album art takes the JPEG image and injects it into the header of the audio file, making it a permanent part of the audio file. Meaning, if you email a song to a friend, it will have the album art. It's elegant, and is simply the right way to do album art. More on this rant later from me. The good news is that the Zune supports it, which is a thrill for me, because none of my previous audio players did. Does the iPod? Look below for the answer.

Pictured above is a 5th generation, 80 GB iPod displaying the same MP3 as the Zune. My friend Jenneth from Girls Gone Mobile was kind enough to test it for me. I'm impressed that the iPod can do it - does anyone know if the previous 4th gen units could? Regardless, the Zune and the iPod are at parity here. But look at how it displays the album art, and tell me that the Zune doesn't look better. It certainly does - it uses up all the space, and gives a much more impressive, immersive display of the album art. Some people (Vincent!) seem to think this doesn't matter, but for highly visual people such as myself, this is a big deal. Score one for the Zune!

[side note: the MP3, and the album art, is from a friend of mine, though I take full responsibility for the typo in the metadata]
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