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Old 06-07-2004, 10:00 PM
Kent Pribbernow
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Default Vaja i-Vod3G iPod Case Review

Product Category: Accessories
Manufacturer: Vaja Leather Products
Where to buy: Vaja online store
Price: $49

  • Sexy design;
  • professional look;
  • genuine leather;
  • comfortable feel.
  • Case may scratch iPod and cause creaking.
If you’re looking for a great case to protect your iPod, the Vaja i-Vod3G is quite literally the perfect fit. Its rugged design and stunning professional look is guaranteed to attract attention.

What’s in the Box
They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. But the i-Vod3G comes in a highly attractive package that hints at something special inside. Every aspect of the package is carefully designed and styled, like a box of fine chocolates. Inside you’ll find the case itself, accompanied by a warranty card, product manual and Vaja case catalog. Also included is a belt-clip attachment for wearing the case connected to your waist, hands free for on-the-go listening.

The i-Vod3G

The first thing you notice about the case is its surprisingly professional look and feel. Made from genuine leather, the I-Volution line makes a stark impression. The elegant design of the iPod and chic styling of the i-Vod3G are a perfect match. Vaja’s web site offers a wide variety of color options to choose from, and even allows you to customize your color options. Personally, I highly recommend the white/grey motif which more accurately matches the iPod. My review case is all black, and frankly I don't like the color scheme at all. Looks too “Batman” for my tastes.

Not only does the i-Vod look great, but it also offers a great deal of protection and durability. Which is, after all, what a case is designed for. It fits in your hands like a glove, which is a great convenience because the iPod tends to be very slippery to handle. You won’t have to worry about this case slipping out of your hands like a wet bar of soap. The front features a Lucite plastic window with recessed holes which alow access to the iPod’s solid state controls and screen. I found accessing the control functions easy with no noticeable impediment.

On back is a small metal divet that locks onto the included belt clip, which is able to rotate a full 360 degrees. So the case moves with your body no matter what position you move. This makes i-Vod quite usefull for jogging and exercising. A notch at the bottom allows you to connect the iPod to its dock connector even while in the case, so it need never be removed.

I did however find the case to be a rather tight fit for my iPod. Initially it took some effort to slide the device in and out. But that generally goes away after time and wear. Another issue that might be a problem for some users is dust particles causing scratches to appear on the iPod’s white Lucite shell. After a few days of constantly inserting and removing my unit from the case, I noticed small streaks and abrasions on my iPod. Most of them came out by simply buffing the surface using a dampened paper towel with Windex. But I can see where this could become an issue over time. I suggest you examine your case for dust first, BEFORE inserting the iPod.

Also, the tight fit did cause some minor creaking in the top-left corner of my iPod, though not substantial. However, all of these are relatively minor issues. If you plan to keep your iPod in its case most, or all, the time, none of this will ever be a problem. And quite frankly, the i-Vod is such a gorgeous (and useful) case, I see no reason why you’ll ever need, or want, to remove your iPod.

The Vaja i-Vod3G is the sleekest and sexiest case option for iPod owners, on the market today. It looks great, feels great, and offers equally great protection. For just $49, it's one of the best investments you'll ever make for your iPod.
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