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Old 03-25-2004, 05:00 PM
Jason Dunn
Executive Editor
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Default Digital Media Thoughts Subscriber Services Launched!

The moment I've been waiting for is finally here: we've launched our subscriber services! Subscriber services are enhanced services and benefits for people who financially support this Web site. We've created a system whereby we make being a subscriber something valuable something worth a few of bucks a month, similar to a magazine subscription (but we provide content every day!). We give you new ways to access the information and community you enjoy, work with vendors to get you discounts and special offers, and we let you turn the site into whatever you wanted it to be stripped down and fast, or huge and content rich.

Have you ever found a solution to a problem you were having? Subscribe and support the work we do. Have you ever been bored sitting in the doctor's office? Subscribe and get access to our mobile forums, so you can tap into the awesome Digital Media Thoughts community we have here anywhere, anytime. Have you ever made a buying decision based on a review you read here? Subscribe and support the time it takes to write them. You can probably see a pattern here. :lol:

You can see a complete list of what each subscriber level offers by checking the subscriber page - feel free to ask any questions in our forums here about the levels. I'll answer one question right off the bat: unlike Pocket PC Thoughts, here on DMT the application discounts are not available in the DMT Lite package. We've reserved them for the DMT Full package to put more value differentiation between the two levels. But speaking of discounts, here's what you'll get access to as a paying DMT Full subscriber right off the bat:

Save 5% Off Any Tek 'n Toys Purchase (no limit - you can save $100+ on a laptop or other expensive item)
Save $10 or $20 on Roadwired Products with purchases of $50 or $100
Save 20% on muvee autoProducer 3.1 MX

I'm also pleased to announce that if you're a subscriber on Pocket PC Thoughts at the PPCT Full or PPCT Deluxe level, you'll save some serious coin when subscribing here.

I want to take this opportunity to give a big public thank you to Fabrizio Fiandanese, who's amazing coding skills are responsible for the new subscriber features, and an even more impressive subscriber back-end system that is insanely cool - so cool that I could show you a screen shot, but then I'd have know. :lol:

For those that are interested, here's the history behind subscriber services and the first instance of us launching them on a Thoughts Media site.

Thank you for your support!
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