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Old 11-13-2006, 04:00 AM
Darius Wey
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Default Zune and Windows Vista Compatibility

Click the image above for a larger version (JPG, 80KB).

Last week, Microsoft announced that Windows Vista RTM'ed with business availability expected on November 30, and consumer availability on January 30. Naturally, we were curious to see whether the Zune (its release date being November 14) would be compatible with Microsoft's latest operating system. Read on to find out!

Unfortunately, a Zune.net page only specifies compatibility with Windows XP and there's not even a hint of Windows Vista dropped anywhere. Now let's confirm our fears by installing the Zune software on a PC running Windows Vista.

Click the image above for a larger version (JPG, 152KB).

Uh-oh. That doesn't look good. What do you get when you click through to that readme?

Click the image above for a larger version (JPG, 176KB).

A web page that does not go live until the 14th. So, that page is probably going to show one of two things: (a) that the Zune does not support Windows Vista and will be updated in the future (perhaps closer to January 30, since more general consumers than business-type folks are likely to use the Zune); or (b) that a Windows Vista-compatible version of the Zune software is available for download (which is possible, since v1.0 of the software would have shipped long before Windows Vista was completed, so that it could be written on CDs and packaged into the boxes). And there's a rumour floating around to favour the latter. Apparently, v1.1 of the Zune software will appear on Windows Update on the 14th, so fingers-crossed, Christmas may come early for all you early Windows Vista adopters.
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