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Old 11-05-2006, 10:00 AM
Jason Dunn
Executive Editor
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Default It's the Jason Dunn Show: Personal Blog Launched & Podcast Interview

"So hereís the funny thing about creating and running Web sites for a living (which is what I do): you end up having really high expectations for each site you launch, and you want everything to be perfectly in place before you launch. Letís take a brief inventory list here on this site. First, we have an easy to use CMS - WordPress, all set up and ready to rock as of two months ago. Check. Next, we have a killer template, courtesy of Mr. Darius Wey, finished more than a month ago. Check. My matching photo gallery template is also completed, as of two weeks ago. Check. So what was left? Nothing - yet somehow I was obsessing over the smallest details the way I do with a Thoughts Media site. Then I was reminded of a simple truth a few days ago: the entire reason Iím launching this personal blog is to give myself a no-pressure, talk-about-whatever-I-want place that has no connection to my ďrealĒ job. So what the hell was I waiting for exactly? And here we go - launched!"

I've decided to launch a personal blog (with an awesome template - go Darius!), and all the reasons why are in my first post. It's more of a personal project than anything else, but if you enjoy my ranting here you may enjoy the blog. It also is the home to some really old projects that are entertaining to look at in retrospect. I also wanted to let you know about a podcast I did with Vincent Ferrari as part of his "Side Salad" podcast. It has nothing to do with vegetables (although I do say "you know" a lot, so seemingly I may have some form of brain damage) and everything to do with Thoughts Media, the sites I run with the great volunteers that help me, and some good discussion on all sorts of tech topics. I enjoy being a guest on podcasts, because it's a lot easier than doing one myself where I have to think up a lot of great questions to answer. ;-) And that concludes the Jason Dunn Show...back to your regular programming.
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