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Old 08-02-2006, 01:15 PM
Kris Kumar
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Default Microsoft Analyst Meeting: Windows Mobile is Ready to Take on RIM, Xbox Live Experience on Windows Mobile

"Good morning, everybody. Since I was here about a year ago, a few things have changed in my neck of the woods. What was Home and Entertainment Division has become the Entertainment and Devices Division. And in the process of that, we've added mobile and embedded devices; Media Center; responsibility for music, TV, and video; and responsibility for games for Windows into the group. ... Fiscal year '06 was actually a great year in our mobile and embedded space. The group turned profitable for the first time. As you'll see later, we think that profitability will be sustainable. So we're making great progress from a business perspective; tremendous progress in terms of revenue growth, engagement with partners, both on the operator side and on the OEM device side, and also, I'll point out, in the development side for custom applications on top of the platform. This is a platform that really has momentum. We're starting to see take-backs from RIM in the enterprise space. ... We are going to try to grow units, and we are going to grow market share, clearly competing with RIM, and ultimately Nokia is important to us. Those are places where we can make tracks."

User submitted image

That was Robbie Bach, President of the Entertainment and Devices Division for Microsoft, talking about Windows Mobile during the Financial Analyst Meeting 2006. The purpose of this talk was to convince Wall Street that Microsoft is doing well in the mobile space and has the vision to achieve greater success. Since the presentation was given from the Entertainment and Devices Division perspective, Robbie talked about the focus on digital lifestyle and the secret sauce that will lead them to success in the entertainment and gaming market. According to Robbie, Microsoft will be bringing together the Media Center, Windows Vista, the Xbox, Windows Mobile and the recently announced Zune, with the help of community oriented services. The strategy involves broadening the scope of Xbox Live experience on not only the desktops but also on the Windows Mobile devices, and then applying the same concepts on Zune. Demonstrations were then provided to show a glimpse of Microsoft's vision; you can check them out over here. Don't have the time to watch the presentation? I have captured some screen-shots from the presentation which I am sure will force you to watch the forty minute video. ;-)

User submitted image
Figure 1: Robbie Bach showing the HTC STRTrk.

User submitted image
Figure 2: Scott Henson showing the Xbox Live experience on Windows Mobile Smartphone.

User submitted image
Figure 3: Checking out the gaming buddy list on the Smartphone. Sorry about the quality of the screen captures.

User submitted image
Figure 4: Windows Mobile client for the Xbox game Forza Motorsport allows the gamer to customize their car from the Smartphone. 8O Details were not provided.

User submitted image
Figure 5: Another screen-shot showing the tweaks being done to the car.

User submitted image
Figure 6: Xbox Live experience accessible from anywhere, at anytime on the Xbox, Windows Vista (middle) and Windows Mobile (right). This is an example of digital lifestyle enabled by Microsoft's Live Anywhere initiative.
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