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Old 06-13-2006, 03:00 PM
Jerry Raia
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Default JavoEdge Silicone Case for the Cingular 2125

JavoEdge recently released a Silicone case for the Cingular 2125. It provides shock protection and a solid grip to the phone. It boasts EAD (Enhanced Anti Dust) coating. Dust attraction was a problem plaguing other similar types of cases. It also comes in 5 colors or tints. I chose the Frosty Blue one for this review. The JavoEdge case showed up in a nice plastic container that didn't require power tools to open as most packages of this type usually do.

The cover itself looks very nice and feels good in the hand.

User submitted image

It fits well on the phone. Since the hump is not covered you slip the phone in through the top of the case. However, the hump not being covered has some consequences. The obvious one is the hump being nicked (like mine is) when, not if, the phone is dropped. The other is the case tends to slide down the phone. This is even truer when you pull the phone out of a tight space like a pocket. I found myself constantly pulling the case back up to line it up. It was slightly annoying like having to pull your pants up all the time. There are tiny cutouts for the microphone and light sensor. The cut out for the speaker is wide enough so that the two indicator lights are not covered up.

User submitted image

On the bottom of the case is the cutout for the USB and headset connectors.

User submitted image

The case has raised sections so you can feel the buttons around the joystick. There is a cutout for the joystick and even though it is now recessed a bit you can still work the joystick easily.

User submitted image

The following picture shows the most glaring flaw of this case, the uncovered hump! In addition you can see the cutout for these buttons is not the neatest I have seen.

User submitted image

Finally, a back view so you can see the cutout for the camera.

User submitted image

Overall for 19.99 USD I feel this is a decent case. It feels good to hold the phone with it on and there is virtually no dust magnet problem. I wish the hump was covered though. Covering the hump might have made the case more difficult to put on but would have protected the hump and kept the case from trying to wiggle off the phone. You can get more information here.

Jerry Raia is a Contributing editor for Smartphone Thoughts. When not flying airplanes he is playing with Smartphones and Pocket PCs. He lives in Los Angeles, California.
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