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Old 02-20-2006, 10:00 PM
Kris Kumar
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Default Toshiba Develops Bar Code Reader Technology for Camera Phones

"Checking out the Internet buzz about a DVD, book or candy while on the go will become as easy as taking a snapshot of the bar code on a product. Toshiba Corp., a Japanese electronics company that makes DVD players, laptops and nuclear power plants, has developed mobile-phone technology that searches for product reviews on up to 100 Web journals, or blogs, in 10 seconds. Just use the phone's digital camera to snap a photo of the bar code of a product you're thinking about buying. The technology can decipher if the blog chatter is positive or negative and tallies the count to show if a product is getting rave reviews or being trashed by consumers. That's useful if you're in a store about to buy an item."

User submitted image

This is the kind of technology I would like to see on my Smartphone, so that I can finally start using the otherwise useless camera on my cell phone. I have used the camera on my Smartphone a few times to take snapshots of the product labels so that I can carry out detailed research once I get home, but the technology demonstrated by Toshiba is the way to go. Another product that can help increase the use of the camera on the cell phones, at least for me, is the Whiteboard Photo Image Capturing software from PolyVision. I tried it recently but the quality and the resolution of the photos from the Cingular 2125 makes it tough for the otherwise awesome software.
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