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Old 03-06-2012, 02:30 AM
Brad Wasson
Contributing Editor
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 118
Default Backup Alternatives - Something For Everyone

"If you've considered backing up your entire DVD collection, or duplicating your hard-drives-full of RAW photos in case of electromagnetic terrorism, then you've looked at your backup options before. The thing is, there is no one single best way to backup tons of data. But there are several ways to protect yourself from data loss disaster. The experts at Q&A network Stack Exchange weigh in."

I am sure all of our readers are the most conscientious backup creators around. But, I bet you know someone who could use a little advice as to which of the myriad of options available on the marketplace would work best for them. Fortunately, the folks at Lifehacker have put together a nice little piece on this subject matter. Amongst their advice is to avoid relying on one backup (technology and dataset). Particularly interesting is that some of the cloud-based options are pretty flexible and relatively cheap these days. Hit the Read link just to touch up your knowledge on this important issue, and then prepare to advise others on how you do it. Oh, if any of you use a cloud-based solution, I would be keen to hear your comments on how well it works.

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Old 03-22-2012, 06:39 PM
sundown's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 302
Default Cloud +

I've adopted a three type approach:

1) Cloud: backing up using one of the many cloud services. I'm paying for extra space ($10 a month) but only backup work files, design files, documents, etc. Generally not photos and videos due to file size. It's automatic, fast and I can access these files away from home as needed.

2) Windows Home Server: I got a Black Friday deal on a WHS and use it to backup my music library, photos and some videos (compiled versions but not source files), as well as all the stuff the I'm backing up to the cloud. Backups are incremental and happen nightly. Set and forget.

3) Periodic offsite: I have an offsite storage spot that's climate controlled and safe. Consider something like a bank safe deposit box. Although I'm thinking of switching to smaller, more portable 2.5 inch drives, I'm currently rotating two 3.5 inch hard drives that keep copies of photos, compiled videos and documents. I try to remember to do this every 3 months but sometimes it goes out to six. Still, the data I stand to lose in a house disaster is generally only the last x months since I made a backup. To facilitate this, I use an external hard drive port. For $40 I can pop a hard drive in, use it and pop it out as needed. Two hard drives allows me to bring a new one with me as I go to retrieve the old one. Only one trip to the offsite location each time.

Works pretty well but I do need to check periodically to make sure each of these is working as expected and add new folders, etc. Still, of all of my backup plans through the years, this one has worked the best and required the least effort on my part.
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