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Old 09-29-2011, 08:14 PM
Sven Johannsen
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Default Zune Pass for Canada

Zune expands to Canada, drops Zune Pass price in US

Rock on, Canada! Starting Monday, the Zune Music Marketplace and Zune Music Pass is expanding north, giving Windows Phone owners in Canada access to more than 14 million tracks from all the major labels, as well as tens of thousands of indie tunes.
A Zune Pass will cost C$9.99 per month (or C$99.90 a year). Besides a Windows Phone, subscribers can also listen on a Xbox 360, Windows PC, Zune device, and Zune.net. (New to Windows Phone? Here�s how to use a Zune Pass on it.)


This should be front page here...how often is there actual Zune news? Of course Jason doesn't care anymore, he's coming here

Be aware though, Zune Pass subscribers. the Zune Insider says
Once the new Zune Music Pass offering is available, the $14.99 plan with 10 monthly MP3 credits will no longer be available to new subscribers. However, current subscribers can stay on their existing Zune Music Pass plan if they choose and will also have access to streaming music videos.
So I look at it like this. I pay $10 to listen to all the music I want, just like anyone else. If I like stuff, I can buy it at 50 cents a track for the first 10 tracks. Those keepers you can burn to a CD, (audio or MP3), or copy them to an iPod, which my car radio actually interfaces to. The plain Zune Pass downloads, you can't do that with. You listen with a PC, or Zune or WP. You can, I assume, still buy all the DRM free music you want. I just get a break on the first 10. In case anyone is waffling on whether to jump on a Pass before Oct 3.

Personally eliminating the 'half price' incentive with the 10 'free' is a mistake. If I have to pay full price to keep a song, no reason I shouldn't go to Apple or Amazon to buy them (Yes, they are DRM free too). The 'album a month' is an incentive to be on Zune, poorly advertised before, and now almost gone.
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