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Old 07-21-2011, 03:30 PM
Jason Dunn
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Default Marware CEO Hybrid iPad 2 Case Reviewed: It's a Keeper

This is my review of the Marware CEO Hybrid case for the iPad 2; it's a very versatile case that looks good, offers very comprehensive protection for the iPad 2, and is surprisingly affordable at $49.99 MSRP. The case covers 97% of the iPad, and the corners offer 5x more protection. I've been using this case for over a month now with my iPad 2; it's very damage resistant and still looks nearly brand new. I particularly like how it offers a second angle for typing/viewing - most cases do not.

In the addendum to the video I show the vinyl skin bubbles that result from the case holding the iPad tightly. What I forgot to mention was that I've also been seeing touch input issues where the iPad doesn't recognize all touch inputs properly. In discussing the issue with Marware, I'm convinced that both problems are due to the vinyl skin I have installed on the front. The Marware cases are designed to such a high degree of precision that even a 1mm thick skin puts things out of spec. The vinyl skin is bubbling up because the case was designed to hold the naked iPad 2, and nothing else. Marware does not recommend this case for use with a vinyl skin.

The touch issues went away when I removed the iPad from the Marware case and put it in a Vaja case that holds the iPad from the side rather than the front. I'm convinced that if I remove the vinyl skin and put the iPad back in the Marware case, it would work perfectly (I'll update this review if it doesn't). I don't consider any of these issues to be a flaw in the Marware product; it's more that I was trying to have the best of both worlds by having a vinyl skin and a protective case on top of it.

All told I'm extremely impressed with the Marware CEO Hybrid case and would highly recommend it to anyone who owns an iPad 2. If you're interested in purchasing this case, has a great deal on it (nearly 50% off MSRP). At that price, this is an even more amazing case!

Jason Dunn owns and operates Thoughts Media Inc., a company dedicated to creating the best in online communities. He enjoys photography, mobile devices, blogging, digital media content creation/editing, and pretty much all technology. He lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his lovely wife, his wonderful son Logan, and his sometimes obedient dog. He should have followed his first instinct and returned the leather Apple Smart Cover for a refund - it was a waste of $75 because it's fragile and he doesn't use it.

Do you enjoy using new hardware, software and accessories, then sharing your experience with others? Then join us on the Thoughts Media Review Team! We're looking for individuals who find it fun to test new gear and give their honest opinions about the experience. It's a volunteer role with some great perks. Interested? Then click here for more information.

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