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Old 05-20-2011, 05:30 PM
Karey Westfall
Contributing Editor
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Default Connection Checker Saves You Battery Power By Automatically Checking Your Connections

"Android: Try as we might, you can never avoid finicky Wi-Fi and low-signal areas. Connection checker will save your phone's battery (and a little bit of your sanity) by disconnecting crappy connections automatically."

Why doesn't this app come standard with all phones? You would think a built in connection tester would be a standard feature for a mobile phone that could potentially move through different areas with spotty data connections. Maybe phone developers neglect to include such feature because having your phone search for networks uses up the battery causing you to charge it more often and eventually replace the battery when it dies. Maybe it's their ploy to get you to buy a new battery faster which gives them your hard-earned money. Well, not anymore!

Install Connection Checker and it will automatically check for wi-fi and data connections then disconnect you if you have no signal saving you battery power (and hopefully your battery from frequent recharging). Plus, it will save you from having a drained battery if you forgot to disconnect your data connection before visiting friends in the boonies with no cell service (Yes, there are still areas without cell service. Trust me, I know!). The app is free or you can download a pro version for $1.74. Not too bad for something that should come with your phone anyways!

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