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Old 03-08-2011, 07:00 AM
Steven McPherson
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Default Android Tops, Windows Phone 7 already in decline? Really?

I think there might be some interesting math in use over at ZDNet.  In an article posted today, James Kendrick pronounced that based on his read of the comScore's rating on smartphone market share that Android remains at the top, but somehow, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is already in decline in its first quarter of availability. That sounds like "fuzzy math" to me.  

A deeper look into the numbers reveals that Comscore is tracking a 1.7% share decline for Microsoft in the last quarter, however, this share loss is across the entire Microsoft mobile platform, including Windows Mobile.  

My guess is that over the next few quarters as the Windows Mobile product "gets out of the system" that Microsoft's numbers will increase.  It would be great to see if Microsoft and its carrier partners could come up with a method of converting those Windows Mobile users to Windows Phone 7, but until there is feature parity (copy/paste, multi-tasking, etc) I'm guessing that this number will continue to decline until the WinMo attrition number is usurped by the Windows Phone 7 net-new quarterly purchases.

Of note, ZDNet's original title read "Android on top in the US, Windows Phone 7 already in decline?" it now reads "Android on top in the US, Microsoft in decline".  Is this really news?

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Old 03-08-2011, 03:41 PM
Join Date: Jan 2005
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Having used just about every Windows "mobile" platform out there since back in the day it was called Palm PC, through the pocket PC years to the integrated phone units, I'm sad to say I'm one of the many that won't be giving MS another chance after playing with the Win Phone 7. I still have 2 working iPaq's around for a bit of the glory days. On a win phone forum, I'm sure I'll be beat down, and, well, don't care, but sadly I switched to Android and haven't looked back (much).

I don't really see Win Phone 7 getting that much more marketshare than where it's at now. Carriers just aren't pushing it. Where are all the carrier and device manufacture ad's on TV? I see one commercial advertising it about "get your life back" but it doesn't show any features. Carriers and device manu's are advertising the he# out of their android phones. That tells me THEY see where the business and money is.

I hate to see that happen as I spent a ton of $ on just about every previous MS OS device, but I see nothing compelling featurewise today.
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Old 03-08-2011, 06:01 PM
virain's Avatar
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I actually switched from iPhone 4 to HTC surround last month. I find WP7 UI more engaging, Office is a big plus, Docs to go on iPhone just doesn't cut it. I didn't have to boot it once yet, iPhone, on the other hand, every other day, else it looses 3G connectivity. Oh, yeah, and no dropped calls either! Autocorrect is much friendlier, than iPhone has. Of course, WP7 does miss important features S.A. copy/paste, multitasking, and my favorite front camera with Skype. But what really pushed me to WP7 is that both AT&T and Apple refuse to unlock iPhone! Even though I had it since the release date. I travel abroad a lot, sometimes I stay in other countries for a few months, and to change to local carrier is a logical decision . Anyway, I am happy with WP7 , and have no plans to switch to any other platform at this time.
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Old 03-08-2011, 06:48 PM
Join Date: Jan 2005
Posts: 8

Originally Posted by virain View Post
But what really pushed me to WP7 is that both AT&T and Apple refuse to unlock iPhone!
LOL, my daughter's dumbphone behaves better than most IPhones I've had experience with. I've had too many bad experiences with ATT to ever go back. I may consider Verizon next go around tho, they promise me work discounts and package discounts since I have FIOS. My kiddo wants a WP7 device, mostly for the texting and Zune capabilities. She can't live without her zune! hahahaha

About my earlier post. I'm not knocking the device or OS at all, I just think MS in all it's size and glory just decided to be WAY to late to the game with their OS and without seriously heavy advertising and such, nor having devices for all carriers ready to go all at once could seriously hurt them.

MS had the resources to throw behind this, it's not like they are some little startup company with no money! Shame on them.
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Old 03-13-2011, 04:23 PM
Join Date: Aug 2005
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I know I am the minority but I can't resist another chance to voice my opinion in the hopes that, someday, someone from Microsoft will read these posts and realize that there is a whole segment of the market that they left behind with the move to WP7.

I am referring to those that used Windows Mobile for business and relied heavily on syncing (via USB cable) to Outlook. Those that do not have, or do not want Exchange connectivity and just want to sync directly with their own computer to keep up to date with a portable/mobile copy of all their important data.

Alas, I have been spending way too much time courting "fruits" over the last couple of years to fulfill this need. And just last week, I even started dating a "robot" that is capable of meeting my needs just fine!

Sorry Microsoft but you missed the mark with this one.
Canadian Road Warrior
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