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Old 09-11-2011, 06:05 AM
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While I realize this thread is a bit long in the tooth and normally would stand against revival of long old threads/topics, I cannot ignore the overwhelming urge to reply.

A fellow G60 user, I too have had the issue covered here in detail. I'm interested to find that an adapter is available ( ?? ), however I must admit, upon initial discovery, I devised my own methods and procedures to get the data from my duo pro card and just moved on.

This evening I had a difficult time getting the card to seat properly, so I went hunting around to see if I'd discovered yet another nasty little surprise with the G60!! Much to my relief, it seems the reader is pretty stable. However I did find this thread

This laptop really is another example of a product that should never have been launched as-is and was not supported adequately by HP after the sale. Among the actual hardware problems and other issues I have had:

o duo pro as noted here
o battery limp way too early ( warranty support was denied )
o on-board microphone does not work as expected ( useless! )
o input port for inbound mic feed has same problem ( useless! )
o on-board mouse pad main button ( left-click ) intermittent failure
o on-board hardware switch indicating lid open/close intermittent failure
o USB dynamic intermittent strange oddities w/power and connectivity
o keyboard buttons hard to maintain
o general overall lack of rigidity in casing ( probably causing some of the above )
o general overall plastic flimsy feel

Despite repeated and very specific requests for support on these issues, I could not get past the first line and very difficult to understand HP Customer Support Engineer on these issues. I was not able to get the hardware repaired or even diagnosed properly during the warranty period.

Never again will I purchase another consumer level computing device from HP.

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