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Old 08-25-2011, 09:52 PM
Sven Johannsen
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Originally Posted by Fritzly View Post
$20/month multiplied by 24 months = $480

Buying a SIM free iPhone and save that amount plus when a new model arrives the device could be sold on Ebay.

It is time that US customers realize what the "Subsidized" scam carried on by carriers really means for their wallet.
Do you know that for most US carriers, if you walk in with a phone and sign up for a SIM, you are likely winding up with a contract anyway? Read the fine print on what you sign. No monthly price difference either. T-Mobile used to be right up front with a no contract, post paid plan. I think it still exists, but you have to ask for it. There are a good number of lower cost pre-paid 'cariers', but their coverage is generally a bit lack luster. If it is good where you are and you don't move around much they are probably great, but their device offerings are usually limited too.

I realize we got ourselves into this ourselves, but it is hard to actually get out of it at this point. It is not that easy to buy an unlocked device of your choice that works on the network of your choice and get a decent rate sans contract.

BTW, that $20/mo had nothing to do with the phone, plan, or contract. It is what AT&T wants to tack on to the data plan you have to allow tethering. It is on top of the $20 data plan you must have in the first place, though they do up you from 2G to 4G. You can turn that on and off any time though.
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