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Old 09-01-2010, 08:08 PM
Don Tolson
Thoughts Media Review Team
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Originally Posted by Fuzzy John View Post
I hate to disappoint you. Turns out that the Cellet charger for the HTC Tilt 2 phone is no different than the others I already tried. Even though the web site says that it will charge in 3 hours, there no mention of the charging times on the package I received. The charger looks the same as other brnads I already tried which leads me to believe that there is one manufacturer and they sell the charger to different brands.
First night: I started with 90% battery capacity left. Five hours later the charge indicator light on the phone was still amber. The phone showed 100% battery capacity.
Second night: I started with 70% battery capacity left. Almost 7 hours later the charge indicator light on the phone was still amber. The phone showed 90% battery capacity. So it went from 70% to 90% in almost 7 hours.
Using the OEM charger would take no more than one hour to charge the phone on the first night and no more than one hour and a half second night. In the past I had the OEM charger bring the phone to a full charge (with a green charging light indicator) from about 40%.

So I guess I will stick with the OEM charger.
Hmmm, this seems to be a case where the chargers you are trying are not producing enough 'juice' (read current) through the USB to properly charge the battery. Especially on models with larger capacity batteries (like the Tilt2), not just 'any' charger from the market will work effectively - just like some USB ports on laptops can't handle the power requirements for some units if charging, etc.

The one from WirelessGround is rated @ 1A output and seems to do the job very effectively.
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