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Old 05-06-2010, 06:40 PM
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Firefox is a bit over 20 seconds in starting for me, on an Asus 901. Not too bad for an older model netbook. Firefox with no plugins (safe mode) launches in about 3 seconds on the same machine. But as I use 8 plugins and can't really let go of any of them comfortably, I'll live with that slow startup time. Hardly every 'need' to reboot the netbook under Windows 7 anyway, as it's rock solid stable. And using a RAMdisk and having all Firefox's cached files (except cookies) load to RAM (256MB of RAMdisk reserved exclusively for the cache), Firefox is very quick to load pages, even when using my Rogers data plan with the Asus tethered to my Kaiser.

I've given Chrome a shot on a couple of notebooks. Haven't been all that impressed with real life page load times as compared to Firefox. With Firefox I can start reading most pages within a second of clicking a link, so what's the hurry beyond that? If I can literally start reading within one heartbeat, life does not need to be 'faster' for me, and I question whether it has to be so for anyone, really.

I'm a bit upset that Mozilla dumped Fennec when Windows Phone blew Windows Mobile out of the water. But that's not Mozilla's fault. They gave a couple of years to Fennec development and that's 100% wasted effort, thanks to Microsoft's decision. So no grudge to hold there against Firefox by extension... Maybe if Google decided to start development of a Chrome version for Windows Mobile - a bit foolish considering WM is soon to be dead - I'd give that a shot. But then again, there's nothing wrong with Netfront's page load times, even over 3G.
Gerard Ivan Samija
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