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Old 05-01-2010, 12:59 AM
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At the risk of boring some, I wanted to revive this thread. Mainly because I just wanted to share what works for me. As already stated, cases are as personal as customizing with your devices with your favourite ringtones, tabs, widgets and homescreens. Personally, I think I have more cases in my desk than my local Rogers store but that's another story.

Typically, I have at least 2 but sometimes 3 cases for each device I own or have owned. Each one serves a different need. For example, for my Fuze I normally use a black, faux leather belt-clip case with a magnetic closure. I completely dislike any case that has velcro (can't stand the sound). The belt clip is made of preformed metal, attached to the case (low profile) and covers in the same faux leather.

I call this my "business case" because I normally wear this during business hours. When I get into my vehicle, I take it out of this case and set it into a generic phone holder attached to my dashboard, right next to my radio display. From here it is connected to my sound system via bluetooth and I have the option of plugging a 3.5 mm stereo jack into my sound system for music. But most importantly, the display is right there in easy reach and sight.

Then I have a 2-piece hard case with a belt-clip holster. This case has the smooth rubber-like feel to it and when it clips to the device, it does not interfere with the slider at all. I use this case primarily when I use my non-BT headphones to listen to music because the faux leather case does not have a cut-out for the headphone jack.

In choosing a case for any device, my prime consideration is that I like to use my device "naked" so the majority of my cases are similar to the first type.
Canadian Road Warrior
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