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Old 07-16-2004, 04:54 PM
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Default Re: Review Of Psion Teklogix Netbook Pro

Originally Posted by Duncan
Originally Posted by Ed Hansberry,v=display,b=news,m=1085977355

The Psion Teklogic Netbook Pro runs Windows CE 4.2. Interesting how Psion used the EPOC OS for so long, which is now Symbian and has moved on to bigger and better things, eh? :wink:
I know you said that with a wink Ed - but EPOC was streets ahead of CE for speed, ease of use, versatility, features and sheer class. If Psion had kept their nerve and continued their EPOC handheld development I have no doubt I'd be a Psion user today...
The same here. However I remain to believe that the biggest mistake Psion PLC made was the Series 7/Netbook. Again they tried to aim for the subnotebook-market (anyone remember the MC400) and this time it killed them. Instead of persuing Series 7 they should have worked harder on the Series 5. Because that was their biggest success. IF they made the Series 5MX with a colourscreen and faster cpu to cope with the colour screen and better connectivity then they wouldn't have vanished.

But it doesn't matter. In the end ALL companies make crucial mistakes which kills them (or that particular division). Look at Sony or Toshiba (ppl haven't forgotten the **** they had with the E740 and now Toshiba pays the price even though they have indeed changed for the better in consumer relations)

The same will happen with Sony-Ericson, Nokia, Intel and Microsoft. Only time will tell. Ofcourse sometimes they can recuperate like IBM or Psion with Teklogix at one side and Symbian at the other) but this does come at great costs. I wonder what happened to all the ppl whom designed the Series 3/5/MX. In fact I wonder what happened to the guys who wrote Psion Chess for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum eons ago? :-) )


Manu T
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