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Old 10-04-2007, 07:30 AM
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I don't think it's that "simple".
Yes Apple has success with iPods and iTunes and yes Microsoft is reasonably sucessfull with xBox, but there are two things to also consider.
One is Microsoft's history. The whole company was built on the model where Microsoft provided platform (DOS, Windows...) for others to use and implement. I'm sure Microsoft wouldn't be as dominating if they would "lock" their platform to only their hardware.
The other thing is choice - all Apple can offer to a customer are iPods and iTunes, but what if you want something different or something more, or for that matter if you can't use iTunes because it's not availabe in your country... Zune is even "worse" in that regard, beeing availabe only in USA.
So going with platform approach and multiple partners has it's merrits. Maybe it's not as profitable (especially at the begining), but it has far more reach if done right (Windows and Windows Mobile...)
Of course there are problems, you depend on partners to deliver their part and in case of Plays for Sure they didn't, maybe in Media Center/Extenders case that ultimatelly won't be the case.
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