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Old 08-31-2007, 09:48 PM
Jason Dunn
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Originally Posted by chucky.egg View Post
It just shouts "rip off" from the roof tops, and I was sufficiently surprised and disappointed with SmartphoneThoughts for carrying that ad that it made me post. I don't expect "ad free", but I feel that the ads a site carries reflect on the site itself - and that's not the sort of thing I would have associated SmartphoneThoughts with.
Well, I agree that it doesn't reflect well on us as a site - but the reality is that when we put up AdSense or NetShelter code, we're handing over control to them to put up whatever they want. We can complain and get things removed, but we can't pre-approve every single thing that runs. When you saw this add, but it had an "Ads by Gooooogle" somewhere in the lower-right corner? Some do and some don't - but I very strongly suspect it was a Google ad. You can actually complain to Google about that ad if it has an "Ads by Gooooogle" on it, you click the link and can fill out a complaint. If, however, it was a pure graphic ad that was coming from Google, there's no way to give them feedback on that specific ad.

Without specifics to go on, that's about the best I can do for you...
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