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Old 08-10-2006, 03:03 PM
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Default Issues with new Tmobile MDA

Greetings, all.

This is my first post here. I stumbled upon this forum after doing a google seach.

On Friday, 8/4 I purchased a brand new Tmobile MDA. The rep told me to make sure I upgrade to the latest software release for this phone. So, I went home and installed ActiveSync 4.2 and immediately updated to the 2.26 os.

I have Exchange srv 2003, sp2 installed at the office, so I went ahead and enable Mobile services on the server, and then tried to set up direct push with the device.

I seem to be having some issues with emails. I have already opened a 3rd tier level support ticket, and while I sit here waiting for tech support to call me back, I thought I would enquire of you "experts" here.

1st problem:
Direct Push is supposed to be constantly syncing with my email server, right? Well, its not happening for me. Sometimes 10 or 15minutes goes by before my device will collect emails from my exchange server. Quite annoying when you have a pressing issue that requires a response "right away".

2nd problem:
I have a number of different POP3 email accounts that I want to use with this device. Among them is my POP3 verizon email account. It seems that each time the MDA goes out to get my email, the login screen pops up first asking for credentials. Since there are already asterisks in the password box, I just select "Save Password" and continue. But the "Save Password" is not saving the password....otherwise why does it keep popping up that screen before it goes out to get the email? And since I have more than one POP3 account, it keeps asking it for each account. Bothersome!

3rd problem:
I cant seem to get onto the EDGE network. My other co-workers who have the Tmobile blackberry 8700 (...and who all sit right beside me in this office....), they all have E on their devices. What's wrong with mine.

4th problem:
My msn mail account will not synchronize on its own. I have to log into msn messenger, and then hit send/receive to get any mail. I was under the impression that I could have up-to-date mail service with this new MDA regardless of POP, or IMAP, or Exchange, or any thing. Was I wrong?

Thanks in advance to any and all who attempt to assist me while I sit patiently and wait for TMobile tech support to call me back with a response to my ticket.

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