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View Full Version : Here is How IndyCar Driver Kanaan Uses His iPad

Jeff Campbell
05-07-2010, 06:00 PM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://macenstein.com/default/2010/04/indycars-tony-kanaan-uses-his-ipad-during-races/' target='_blank'>http://macenstein.com/default/2010/...d-during-races/</a><br /><br /></div><p><em>"Well, looks like we found at least ONE customer for Scosche's iKit iPad car mount! In this clip, professional racecar driver (and apparently professional tech geek) Tony Kanaan gives a brief overview of how his team has already incorporated the iPad into their workflow to help streamline the pit stop experience."</em></p><p><object width="600" height="360" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/zozY-r92ork&ap=&fmt=18" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"><param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/zozY-r92ork&ap=&fmt=18" /></object></p><p>Yet another use for the iPad. I expect to see much more of this integration with other fields as time goes on. Wonder if he has to take his racing gloves off when he is using it? Any thoughts as to what other industries will take advantage of the iPad?</p>