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View Full Version : Harman Kardon Go+Play for iPhone/iPod Touch

Jeff Campbell
04-30-2010, 07:00 PM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://www.macworld.com/article/150897/2010/04/goplaymicro.html?lsrc=rss_news' target='_blank'>http://www.macworld.com/article/150...l?lsrc=rss_news</a><br /><br /></div><p><em>"Audio vendor Harman Kardon on Wednesday announced a new version of the company's Go+Play docking speaker system."</em></p><p><img src="http://images.thoughtsmedia.com/resizer/thumbs/size/600/at/auto/1272472773.usr105634.jpg" /></p><p>This is a pretty compact unit at 20 inches x 9 inches x 9.5 inches although a bit expensive at $299.00 USD, but it would fit nicely next to the bedside table if you wanted to use it as an alarm clock or on the desk to play your music or podcasts. You can also hook it up to your TV and watch movies or podcasts via the composite connection. &nbsp;I wonder if the alarm sound will go through the speakers?&nbsp;</p>